How to Mute Someone on Facebook Messenger [Easy Steps]

Facebook has released a new Facebook mute dialog button on Facebook Messenger. When utilizing the social media platform, you might not want to get distracted by beeps and notifications from people messaging you on Facebook. The most common reason that somebody would delete and especially mute a Facebook Messenger conversation would be due to group chats.

Why can’t I Mute Someone on Messenger

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You can mute Someone on messenger and muting somebody is far better than blocking them because it’s still possible to get them on the platform, but you won’t receive their notifications. However, while you block them on messenger, then you certainly will not be able to receive messages from them or contact them.

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How to Mute Someone on Facebook Messenger

  • Search Facebook Messenger in the menu and open it.
  • Log into Facebook, If you aren’t.
  • Search the person you would like to mute.
  • After finding the conversation.
  • Click on the conversation.
  • Go to option and mute.

Alternative fix Mute Someone on Facebook Messenger

  • Open Facebook Messenger app.
  • Hold that chat which you want to mute.
Hoe to Mute Someone on Facebook Messenger
  • Click on the mute icon.
  • How long you’d like to mute this person. It may go all the way around ‘Until I turn it back on’ meaning you won’t receive notifications for messages before you turn off it or choose another alternative.


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