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How to Pause an Instagram Video?

If entertaining videos and gorgeous photos are your style of entertainment, then Instagram is the ideal social media platform to use.

While you could certainly go for Facebook or Tiktok for similar things however nothing is as good as the visual experience you will experience on IG.

However, I’m not able to stop a video from Instagram.

Is this feature available on IG or do I need to look for workarounds to accomplish the same task?

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How to pause in an Instagram Video

If you’re viewing the Instagram video on a computer then click in at the center of the video to stop it. When you’re using the mobile app press the Pause icon located at the bottom left of the video.

How to Stop an Instagram Video Steps and ways to keep track of

Stopping videos you’re watching using Instagram isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Let’s say that you’re browsing you feed following responding to a post via Instagram when you stumble upon a hilarious video.

However, the sound of the doorbell disrupts your viewing session, resulting in you have to stop.

To stop the video Follow these steps regardless of whether you’re on Mac or Windows or using Instagram’s mobile application.

Stopping a Video on Instagram on the Desktop

First step: In the event that you’re signed in to Instagram. Once you’re logged into your Instagram account, look for any random videos on the feed.

If you’re trying to find a specific video, input the account’s name in the search bar located in the upper right-hand corner of the section called Stories.

Step 2. Once you’ve found the video you want to see there is no need to do anything else to watch the film. The videos on Instagram automatically play when you browse across your Instagram feed.

All you have to do is click the sound icon on the right side of that specific video for the video to start playing audio well.

If you’re on an Instagram account you’ve previously looked up, click the Play icon under the category section. This is the category for videos. button.

Step 3. After you’ve watched the video on your Instagram feed Click in the middle of that video to stop the.

However, on the profile page of a specific account, you have to select a video that you wish to watch to play it.

Click on the middle of the video to stop it.

You’ll be able to tell you have successfully paused the video when you can see the Play icon appear on the screen.

Simple, right? However, will the same steps apply if you’re watching videos on the phone of a mobile device?

Pause a Video on Instagram using the Mobile App

1. Once you have logged in the account you have created on Instagram accounts, go through your feed to look for any videos you would like to see.

If you’re looking for specific videos to view click the Search icon (magnifying glass) to encode the account’s name into the bar for searching.

Step 2. Once you’ve found the video you would like to view, tap the sound icon to play it to start playing in the same video.

If you’ve tried to find videos using the search bar but are taken into the Profile page press the Video button.

Press on the video you wish to watch in order to make it take up the phone’s screen space.

Step 3. To stop to pause the Instagram video you’re watching, simply press the Pause button located in the lower left corner of your phone’s screen.

The footage will automatically end and the scene will be being played.

Doesn’t that sound good? By following these three easy steps, you were able to pause the video on Instagram.

If you’re interested to know whether these steps are applicable to stop the Instagram reel you’re watching then go to our website to learn more about it.

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Commonly Asked Questions About how to pause in an Instagram Video

Can you pause a live streaming video in the same way as you can for normal Instagram video?

It isn’t possible to pause the live stream just like you do when you view videos on Instagram. Instagram feed. But, you can either click (desktop) or tap (mobile) the three dots in the lower portion of the video to make the pop-up window appear, then stop it.

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I can see the Mute/Unmute icon located in the lower portion in the Instagram footage I’m viewing. Do I have to press the icon to stop the video?

The Mute/Unmute icon is used to switch off or on the audio for the particular video you’re watching on Instagram. However, you aren’t able to make use of this feature to pause the video. The video will simply play without or with audio.