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How to Play Free Fire with a Controller on Android and iOS

At present, Free Fire, and other games in this style, have an enormous amount of players across the globe If you’re curious about how you can you can play Free Fire with a controller that is connected with an Android or iPhone cellphone Here we’ll give you some suggestions on how you can play Free Fire.

How do you Play Free Fire with controller on Android

If you are wondering whether it’s absolutely required to download an app or a software that maps buttons to the buttons, the answer is no. There are many other methods by which we can connect an Gamepad or controller Gamepad to mobile devices.

To do this, it is required for the device or controller Gamepad you plan to use is connected to bluetooth In addition to that, you should take into consideration that there are other applications like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and others. These days they’re not 100 100% compatible with this kind of controllers.

While the companies that developed these games haven’t decided on the possibility of using these mistakes, they could happen, or the controller you are planning to use might not be compatible, which means it will not function.

Bluetooth connection

  • It is essential to have your controller up-to-date. This can be done through the internet. One example of this is an Ipega 9062s remote that is updated through the web.
  • The bluetooth is turned on for the remote with R1 and Home. (2 lights will come on and continue to blink)
  • The remote is connected to our mobile phone via bluetooth. (we must enable the bluetooth feature of the mobile phone)
  • Following these steps, we are able to start playing directly. (there is no requirement to launch another app to allow the controller to function.)
  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Only One
  • GRIP
  • Unkilled
  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout
  • Horizon chase
  • Oddmar

Octopus, the application that will help us play Free Fire with a controller connected to the mobile

  • We will go to the Play Store for the download of “Octopus” application.
  • In order for everything to function correctly the controllers or Gamepad should be able to connect to other devices through a Bluetooth connection.
  • We connect our Gamepad directly to the mobile device.
  • We are in the Octopus application and then from there we are able to enter Free Fire.
  • We start to set up and map our controllers or Gamepad according to our preferences.

With USB-OTG connector.  

 By using this extension, connecting the remote control on your Android phone is a straightforward job. The first step is to connect the cable native to the remote control to its input. Next, we will use the extension USB-OTG to connect the cable to our smartphone.  

 After connecting, we’ll be required to turn on the control and keep the button on for a couple of seconds. We will then verify that it’s functioning on the display of our phone and that’ll be the end of it. Certain phones might ask for permission or issue an indication.  

 How do I Play Free Fire with controller on iPhone  

 As with the connection on Android We can also connect the remote to an iOS device using Bluetooth. Be aware that some controls aren’t fully compatible in this game, therefore it is possible that the connection will not work, however the basic procedure remains identical.  

 To activate our Bluetooth on our remotes, are  the button to start for a short period of time and then enter the Bluetooth connections of our smartphone and check if the remote is present. When we recognize it, we can connect it like we would any other device. Then, we can use the remote.  

 What Android games can you play using this PS4 controller?  

 There are a variety of games you can play using PS4 control are:  

  •   Call of Duty Mobile  
  •   Only One  
  •   GRIP  
  •    Unkilled  
  •   Modern Combat 5: Blackout  
  •   Horizon chase  
  •   Oddmar  

 Octopus is the app that will allow us to enjoy Free Fire with a control