How to Play Free Fire with a Controller on Android and iOS

At present, Free Fire, and other games in this style, are played by a large player base across the globe If you’re looking to learn how to you can play Free Fire with a controller linked with an Android or iPhone mobile phone, then here we’ll provide you with ways to play.

How do I Play Free Fire with a controller on Android?

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If you are wondering whether it’s essential to download an application or software that maps buttons in your device, the answer is yes. There are different ways in connecting a Gamepad or controller Gamepad to mobile devices.

To do this, it is essential to ensure that your controller Gamepad you plan to utilize has a Bluetooth connection. In addition take into consideration that there are other applications like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, and others. Today, they’re not completely compatible with this kind of controller.

Even though the developers of these games haven’t ruled on the possibility of using these games, there are a few possibilities for errors to occur or it could be that the controller you are planning to use might not be compatible and, consequently, not function.

Bluetooth connection

Your controller must be up-to-date. This is done via the internet. An example of this is that of the Ipega 9062s remote that is updated through the web.

The Bluetooth is turned on for the remote with the combination of R1 + Home. (2 lights will be turned on and continue to blink)

The remote is connected to our mobile phone via bluetooth. (we must enable the bluetooth feature of your mobile)

Following these steps, we are able to start playing directly. (there is no requirement to open any other application for the controller to function.)

If the game starts to show image issues or is running slow it is recommended to restart the controller. Without needing to quit the game in progress. We simply switch off and turn on either the control or Gamepad and that’s all there is to it.

With USB-OTG connector.

Utilizing this extension to use the remote control on your Android device is an easy job. The first step is to connect the cable native to the remote controller to its input. Then we’ll use the USB-OTG extension for connecting this cable to our smartphone.

After connecting, we’ll be required to turn on the control and keep the button in place for a short period of time. It will be checked to see if it’s functioning on the display of our phone, and that’s the end of it. Certain phones will request a permit, or issue an alert.

How do I use the controller to play Free Fire with controller on iPhone

Similar to the connections in Android the remote can be connected to the remote to an iOS device using Bluetooth. It is important to remember that certain controls aren’t fully supported by this game, therefore the possibilities are different, but the basic procedure remains identical.

To enable our Bluetooth for our controller, keep the button on the start for a couple of seconds. Then, we access the Bluetooth connections on our mobile and then verify that the control is in view. When we have identified it, we connect it the same way as any other device and we can use the remote.

What Android games can you play using this PS4 controller?

There are a variety of games that can be played with PS4 control, we can play:

  • Call of Duty Mobile
  • Only One
  • GRIP
  • Unkilled
  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout
  • Horizon chase
  • Oddmar

Octopus, the game application that lets us enjoy Free Fire with a controller linked to the mobile

We will search on our Play Store and download the “Octopus” application.

To function properly for everything to function properly, our controllers or Gamepad must be able to connect to other devices through a Bluetooth connection.

We connect our Gamepad directly to the mobile device.

We then enter the Octopus application, and from there we can enter Free Fire.

We start to set up and map our controllers or Gamepad according to our preferences.

With these steps, you can boost your gaming experience. However, it can be uncomfortable if you prefer is console games. In that case, we recommend playing Free Fire from a PC using Android emulators and then connecting your controller to Bluetooth without any intermediary applications.

Can I be exiled from the game if I am playing with the controller?

Today, there are no players who have reported that they have been excluded from playing due to the use of Gamepads or controllers However this doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t any chance that this could later be prohibited. If you happen to find that your account is suspended, it is possible to be restored.

While the developers have not yet issued any kind of message that states they would prohibit the usage of their controllers or Gamepads is forbidden, there is the possibility is that they might be able to do this in the near future, in order to limit significant advantages between gamers.

If you’re looking to improve your gaming experience with these devices, it’s perfect but it wouldn’t harm to test it on an additional account and ensure that there won’t be any bans.

What exactly is Ipega?

It’s it’s a Wireless Multimedia Game Controller for IOS and Android devices. These are created to enhance the experience of gaming on mobile games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and many more.

They are available with support for Android 6.0 plus, IOS11.0, and the above system. Ipega Controllers and Gamepads allow connectivity to mobile devices using Bluetooth.

There is currently a wide range of Gamepads or controllers on the market to meet the requirements of every player We hope that this guide will be of great use to you. We hope you can help us make it accessible to more people who you know require it and would like to join the world of top shooter games.

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