How To Print Screen On Logitech Keyboard K360?

This piece demonstrates How Do You Print A Screen From A Logitech Keyboard K360? The instructions below are applicable to all Logitech keyboards, including the Wireless Keyboard Logitech K780. The following procedures are in effect.

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With a tiny design that is 20% smaller than a full-sized keyboard, the K360 includes all keys, including a number pad and quick access to FN shortcuts. Ideal for compact work areas or smaller frames, allowing you to shut your mouse for less reach and better posture. Furthermore, it is simple to relocate wherever your career takes you.

The framed keys provide a pleasant, accurate, and silent typing experience, but the tight, modern, spectacular design with height adjustable tilt legs gives your installation a competitive advantage. The twelve F keys allow you to quickly access the most important functions – Windows open and close, programmes, emails, and so on. The six media hot buttons allow you to keep up with the music by switching it on, playing it, pausing it, and skipping it.

With a three-year guarantee, the K360 maintains the same high quality and dependability standards that have made Logitech the world leader in mouse and keyboard technology. Battery life can last up to 36 months. 2 Battery life might vary based on use and computing circumstances. Eliminate the trouble of often changing batteries by utilising a handy on/off switch and power-saving technologies to extend battery life.

Avoid dropouts and delays with a strong, consistent wireless network with a range of up to 10 m. 3 Wireless range varies depending on the person, the surroundings, and the machine. The K360 features a USB receiver that allows you to connect up to six Logitech support tools to a single receiver in order to add your Logitech mouse. Less strings, fewer headaches.

How Do You Take a Screenshot of a Logitech Wireless Keyboard?

To take a screenshot in Windows, use the Windows key + PrtSc. When PrtSc shares a key with another button, you can use Fn+Windows key+PrtSc (such as Insert, Title, or Delete). To capture only the active window, press Windows key+Alt+PrtSc.

On a Mac, use Shift+Command+3 to snap a screenshot. To choose a portion of a screen to be taken, press Shift+Command+4 or Shift+Command+4+Spacebar to capture a specific portion of the display (such as a menu or app). To see all of your screenshot options, including a screen recorder, press Shift+Command+5.

How Does a Logitech Wireless Keyboard Print a Screenshot?

The Print Screen key can be shown by a camera icon (often shortened to PrtScr or PrtSc). It might have its own key or share one of the top-level keyboard functions. If you wish to reassign a PrtSc command, you may reinstall the Windows keyboard and create Custom Screenshot Shortcuts.

Where I Saved My Screenshots?

To view your screenshots, open File Explorer on Windows and click to This PC > Bilder > Screenshots. On a Mac, screenshots are saved to the desktop.


That’s all there is to How To Print Screen On Logitech Keyboard K360. You may now print your screen with ease.

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