How To Watch Videos While On A Call Android?

Have you had problems getting your Android system to play videos while you’re on the phone? That is really inconvenient! So, how can you watch videos while on a phone call on Android? If that’s the case, this essay is just what you need.

You’ll discover all you need to know about forcing Android devices and watching movies on your phone down below. As Smartphone users, we all have great expectations for our powerful gadgets. One of these many expectations is for the audio in a video to remain even in the background.

Even though we try not to, we occasionally experience issues with YouTube, such as when an important call comes in while we’re viewing a video on YouTube, and when we return to YouTube after getting the call, the buffering is lost, and we have to start over.

I’ve made three alternatives available today for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Continue reading to find out more. Do you believe it’s by design that your phone can’t play videos while you’re on the phone if your phone can’t play videos while you’re on the phone? In this instance, you will have to rely on third-party applications.

Software’s For Playing Videos

MX Player

MX Player is well regarded by Android users worldwide for its durability and dependability. By installing MX Player on your phone, you will be able to play videos in a number of ways, assuring adaptability.

To play video while on a call, open MX Player, go to Settings, Player, and then enable Background Play. This enables your phone to stream movies while on a call, even if it previously did not have that capacity.

How Can I Play A Video In MX Player While On The Phone?

This technique applies to the most recent version, 1.8.9, and the name of the option may vary in prior versions. But don’t worry, you can still benefit from this content. What makes you believe that?

Step 1: Open MX Player and click on the three-dot hamburger symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Go to Settings and scroll all the way down until you see the option to play alone.

Step 3: By default, it is checked. Tap on it to uncheck it. This enables the MX Player to play videos while you are on the phone.

So, if you can’t view videos on your phone, don’t worry since this post has provided you with a solution. That’s why we’re happy you won’t have to ponder how to play movies while on the phone.

This approach also discusses how to listen to music while on the phone. Because the MX player also supports audio, you may enable the function in the options and the application will automatically discover and display all music files in your collection.

Video Player In The Background

Background Video Player, which was designed from the ground up to play movies in the background, may be able to let you view films on your phone. Background Video Player is also compact and light, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up space on your hard disc.


UListen is video software that contains everything a client wants in a video app, such as the ability to do videos while on the phone. Furthermore, because listen is free, Android users are not have to pay any fees.


Many Android phones do not contemplate the potential of watching videos while using the device. Most people simply stop watching videos while on the phone and continue when the call has finished. However, there will be times when Android device owners would need to view video while still chatting with their contacts. In these cases, knowing How To Watch Videos While On A Call Android? comes in helpful.

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