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What Happens If You Like and Then Unlike a Video on TikTok?

If you appreciate watching short films, Tik Tok, the latest popular short video site, is for you. Users may watch videos ranging from 5 seconds to 1 minute in duration. They can be entertaining, informative, or a well-crafted skit. People may notice that they have a few favorite users as they become more engaged in the app, whether they have established influencers or a friend.

Your TikTok for you page contains videos from the for you page as well as people you follow. Scrolling through your fyp may be a blessing or a curse, depending on what your friends are posting. If you’re stalking someone on TikTok, whether an ex or someone you like, you’ll probably spend a lot of time on their TikTok profile. Alternatively, because you visit their profile so regularly, their stuff is constantly visible on your for you page.

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What Happens If You Like and Then Unlike a Video on TikTok?

When you’re looking at someone’s profile or viewing their videos on your flip, you’re certain to enjoy one of them. This might be unpleasant, especially if you’re at the bottom of their page and like something from weeks ago by accident. To prevent embarrassment, you watch the video in the hope that they will not discover it. If you’re worried about them knowing you liked their video, the answer is that it depends.

Chances are, if you like and detest someone’s TikTok video, they won’t know. Depending on how quickly you disliked them, they may not receive a notification on their phone. If they’re using their phone and you took too long to unlike, they’ll receive a notification and see it.

If you’re using TikTok on your PC, disliking a video you just loved will be more difficult because you’ll have to click the heart button with your mouse again.

1. Were They Using Their Phone

If they were not using their smartphone while you liked and hated their video, the notification will be delivered to their device as soon as you dislike it. Even if they check their TikTok notifications, they won’t know that you liked their post because the notification is wiped after you unlike it.

There’s no way of knowing if someone was using their phone when you liked and hated their video, so it’s hard to accept this as assurance that they won’t find out. You may check other apps like WhatsApp and Instagram to see whether they’re online and using their phones right now. If they were using their phones when you mistakenly liked their video, this will tell you.

2. If You Unlike a TikTok Does The Notification Go Away

When you, unlike a TikTok, the notification in their notification bar disappears. When you liked something and hated it, the notification stayed on your phone but vanished from the app; however, recently, the notice on your phone and on TikTok vanished when you disliked TikTok. If there is a glitch in their notifications section, the message may stay there for a longer period of time than usual, allowing them to know that you liked their movie first.

Another issue to consider is whether or not they have TikTok notifications switched off. If they have their notifications turned off, they will not be able to know if you like it if you detest it, even if they are on their phone. They may turn off their alerts using both the settings app and the TikTok app. The problem with this is that you won’t know whether they did it, so you can’t be sure they won’t find out you liked their movie.

3. Your Likes Might Be Clumped In With The Rest

If you unwittingly liked their video, chances are it was trending on the fyp, which means that it was liked and engaged with by a lot of other people. Your username might be jumbled together with a plethora of others who liked it. As a consequence, they won’t realize that you liked it until they boost the number of people who enjoyed it.

Fortunately, TikTok isn’t like Instagram, where users often know who likes their posts, making it more appealing for them to check-in. If a video is trending on TikTok, the likes are primarily from individuals they don’t know, therefore they’re less likely to be concerned about who’s like their films to check.

4. If You Do It Fast Enough, The Like Won’t Be Registered

It’s conceivable that you liked the video so rapidly that the like wasn’t recognised in the first place. TikTok often records that something has been liked in seconds and then provides a notification to the creator. TikTok would not have had enough time to process the like and warn the user if you disliked soon enough. This is not the case for you if you realised you liked their film a long time after you first saw it.

5. Are They A Famous Creator?