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How to install Windows 11 on any non-compatible windows 10 PC

Windows 11 is all over nowadays, It is an upcoming and latest version of the “Windows NT operating system” it usually follows C, C++, C#, assembly language. Windows 11 is the descendent of windows 10. It will get the updates through windows update, windows server update services, and Microsoft store. So let us know what are the features and how to install windows 11.

Features of Window 11

Features of Window 11

Since 2015, Windows 11 is the first and the major release. It follows the guidelines of Microsoft’s new fluent design. This latest design focuses on flexibility and ease in usage, along with these many different features like great productivity, updates to safer security, social features, and wide accessibility by surpassing the deficiencies faced in windows10.

Microsoft promoted its performances that improve such that of smaller updates faster browsing ability, faster wake up and sleep mood, and authentication of Windows Hello.

Windows 11 helps in bringing the information and news that we are interested closers and faster with the widgets which are a new specific and personalized feed by artificial intelligence and best browser performance from the Microsoft Edge. When we are most focused, involved, and creative we still want to have broken then we take a moment and check for the news and information happening around the world.

The present-day scenario is that we pick our phone and check in the required information can be about news and weather reports and many more. Now, you can do a similar task directly from the desktop if we want to open a personalized feed tab or slide it exists across the screen like a sheet of glass so it doesn’t interrupt the main work that you are previously doing. For creators and publishers, Widgets helps in opening a new way of the estate within Windows to deliver content that is personalized. It helps in benefiting both creators and customers. 

User Interface

windows 11 User Interface