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iRobot App Not Working – Fix In These Quick Simple Steps

Are you wondering why the iRobot app not working ? Or do not know how to manage the Roomba remotely without having it? Here’s how to solve any issues that you might be having using Roomba’s mobile application. Roomba smartphone app.

We live in a technological age in which communication, business and everything else in between can be done wirelessly. From smartphones with modern technology as well as vacuum cleaners the latest technology is sweeping across the globe, and the iRobot Roomba is just one device that can make an easy task of the tedious job which is cleaning your home.

Created to function autonomously as a silent cleaning warrior The Roomba is built to charge itself and even self-clean dependent on the model that you purchase. A significant portion of the Roomba’s functions are tied with the iRobot Home app, which allows you to draw out the floor area as well as view more information regarding your Roomba vacuum, schedule cleaning schedules, and many more.

How to Resolve iRobot App Problems with Working

The complete list of tested and tested solutions available, here’s how could be done to bring the Roomba app running once more.

Solutions #1: Force Closing the app

For the iRobot app for iOS:

Hit the Home button of your iPhone or swipe up to reveal your home screen (iPhone older than X).
Press the Home button twice (or swipe up and hold the iPhone X and newer) to open the background applications.

Explore the app list by shifting to the left or right, until you come across your iRobot Home app. Tap the app screen to force it to close.

For the iRobot app for Android:

  • Go into your Settings App on the Android phone.
  • Scroll do