How to Know If Someone Hides their Story From Your Instagram

So you’re on Instagram, and you think someone has blocked you from viewing their story. Instagram, however, does not warn you when someone removes you from their story.

Instagram debuted the story function a few years ago, which let your followers read your story. Depending on your privacy settings, your followers may have seen your story, or it may have been available to the general public.

Instagram allows users to hide their stories from certain followers if they want to limit who can see their stories and keep some items private so others don’t see them. They will not be able to view your story if you block them from seeing it.

You may be irritated because you want to know if this person has a problem with you. Fortunately for you, I’ll show you how to check whether someone has banned you from reading their Instagram story.

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How to Know If Someone Hides their Story From Your Instagram

Unfortunately, there is no way to find out who blocked you from accessing their Instagram account because doing so would be a violation of people’s privacy. Although their narrative is open to the rest of their followers, there is no way to see it after they’ve concealed it from you.

There’s no way to tell whether a friend has kept you from viewing their story. If they don’t offer any tales, you may be skeptical because you suspect they’ve kept them concealed from you. However, just because someone no longer writes articles doesn’t mean you can’t read them.

The simplest approach to find out whether someone has hidden their story from you is to ask someone who follows them, ‘what tales have they posted?’ You’ll be able to tell whether they withheld their story from you from now on.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Instagram

There are a few signs that someone has blocked your view of their story. You can find out through these loopholes, but you won’t be able to find out directly through your Instagram account. You can only find out if you use other accounts since they will not be hidden from reading tales.

1. Ask A Friend to Send you Their Story

The first step is to ask a friend to share the suspect’s Instagram story with you. If you feel you were one of the few people blacklisted, simply ask a friend who you believe was not banned. If the user has a private account, this buddy must be following them.

2. Make a Quick Fake Account

The next step is to create a fictitious account.

When you create a phony account, you might use it to act as someone other than yourself. When you’re through creating the phony account, just click on the person’s narrative to see their tale if their account is still active.

If you couldn’t see the story on your main Instagram account, it was because they had blocked you from seeing it.

If their account is private, here are some tips to make your account look more legitimate, giving you a higher chance of acceptance.

  • You may enter up to 5 pictures.
  • Get a few followers or buy 100 followers.
  • Make your account private.
  • Make your profile photo very appealing.

Once you’ve completed this, you can send them a follow request and wait to see if they accept it. Once they’ve been accepted, you should look at their tale and see whether you can see it.

If you can, it indicates you’ve been barred.

3. Ask A Friend You’re With to Show you

If you’re with a buddy who follows this individual, you may easily ask for their phone to check their account. If you go to their account and see a story that you couldn’t view on your primary account, it signifies you’ve been banned.

4. Have They Stopped Posting For A While?

Another way to tell whether they’ve stopped you from following their story is to look at how frequently they update. If they used to publish on a regular basis, say, every day, and then abruptly stopped, you may deduce that they have kept their story from you.

Although they may have just stopped writing, it is plausible to believe that they have hidden their story from you if they have been publishing often and consistently for several months and then abruptly stop for a few weeks.

5. Ask Them If They Did

The simplest way to find out is to just ask someone whether they have stopped you from reading their story. It’s as simple as saying, “Did you block my view of your story?” Obviously, if they’re not plain, they might not give you the truth, and you’ll have to rely on other methods to determine whether they did really prevent you from accessing it. If they are telling the truth, they will tell you that they blocked you from seeing it. Perhaps they didn’t want you to see anything that would upset you, or maybe they just wanted a small number of people to see it.

6. Use A Third-Party Tool

In cases like this, third-party tools may be a godsend, and they can really help you find out whether someone has hidden their narrative from you. Remember the person’s username and enter it into the story viewer tool’s search area to see whether this is the case.

An Instagram story viewer tool allows you to watch other people’s stories without checking in or revealing your identity. This will not work if their account is set to private. If it is public and there has been a story there during the last 24 hours, you must be able to access it. Simply enter their username into the search field, and all of the articles they’ve submitted in the last 24 hours will be shown.

From here, if you can read stories on here but not on their profile when you visit the Instagram app, it means they’ve banned you. Because the story viewer tool does not require an account, it may access people’s tales without their knowledge. The advantage is that you can always use it to examine public account stories because they are never blocked.

7. Check Again

Issues might arise from time to time, leading a story to not display the first time. Glitches are software failures that result in unanticipated errors, and in this example, someone wrote an article but it did not appear for you. In this instance, you should double-check to see whether they prevented you from seeing their story. Simply search for their name again and swipe down while on their page to alter it. If there is no red ring surrounding their profile picture, it is safe to presume that they have disabled access to their tales.

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They Could’ve Just Outright Blocked You On Instagram

If you are blocked on Instagram, it is similar to them not allowing you to access their stories earlier since you will not be able to view them. Although blocking you entirely prevents you from viewing their account, it also prevents you from reading any tales they submit.

1. Search for Their Username on Instagram

The first and most reliable method for determining if you’ve been blocked on Instagram is to search for their name.

When you search for someone’s Instagram username, their account generally appears after the first few letters are typed. This is only applicable if you have a history with the account.

You’ve been blocked if you search for every element of their username on Instagram and they don’t appear — this only happens if their account is set to private.

You’ve been blocked if you search for their name and discover their account, but you get a notice on their profile that says, ‘No Posts Yet.’ This implies you won’t be able to see their tales at the same time.

2. Find Them in a Tagged Photo

The following step is to look for their tagged username in a picture to determine whether you’ve been blocked. You may do this by going to their closest friend’s Instagram account and searching for a photo that includes both of them.

Whether they’ve tagged the person you think has blocked you, click on their tag to check if you can see their photos.

If you see the term No Post Yet, it signifies they’ve blocked you and you won’t be able to read their stories anymore.

3. Look for Them in a Comment Section

If you can’t locate a tagged image of them, try searching for their profile in a comment area. If you know they follow someone or a post on which they commented, you may go back to that post and search for their username.

If you discovered their username beneath a photo, you may click on their name to see if they have blocked you.

If they did block you, you’ll get the phrase ‘user not found’ when you click on their profile, and you won’t be able to access any of their uploaded tales.

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What Happens When Someone Hides Their Story From You On Instagram

If someone hides their Instagram account from you, you’ll notice a few things. Instagram is constantly bombarded with hints, and it’s tough to miss anything once it’s happened. When someone has concealed you, it’s simple to detect weird things, but it’s also easy to uncover that they’ve prevented you from seeing it if you dig further. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.

You Can’t See Any Story They Post

One thing you’ll notice straight away if someone has blocked you is that they don’t seem to write any articles at all. If someone moves from blogging frequently to writing less frequently, you’ll know something is wrong. It is not always the case that someone has prevented you from reading their storey because they are no longer active. However, if you see that someone is quite active and then abruptly stops posting, you should investigate more. This is especially evident if it’s someone you’re close to and you haven’t heard from them in a long time.

When Someone Sends The Story To You It’ll Be Unavailable

You’ll normally have an Instagram group chat if you have a close buddy group. Typically, items are sent into the group chat mostly regarding common acquaintances. If you see that someone has submitted anything into the group chat about someone you all know, you could realize that you can’t view the narrative. If you discover that you are unable to view the story that they provided you, this indicates that you have been prohibited from viewing their articles. This is a significant difference you’ll notice when someone hides their stories from you.

How to See Hidden Stories on Instagram

If someone has hidden their story from you, you will be unable to view it unless you use the account that they have banned. It would be a serious infringement of privacy if there was a way to access a story that someone had concealed from you. You won’t be able to see a story again with that account once you’ve been removed from it.

1. Ask Them To Stop Hiding You

If you want to see someone else’s story again, the simplest method is to persuade them to stop hiding you. One of two things will happen if you request that they stop excluding you from their story. They’ll deny ever hiding their story from you, or they’ll deny hiding you while removing your name from the list of those who aren’t allowed to access it. In rare cases, they will reveal that they blocked you before unblocking you if they feel you are ignorant of it.

2. Get Your Friend To Show It to You

Another easy option to re-access stories after they’ve been hidden is to have a friend capture or screen record what’s on their Instagram. They can’t just send you the story since you’re blocked and won’t be able to read it. However, you may get them to show you what’s on their story without transmitting it.

3. Use Your Private Account

If you have a private account and their account is public, you may use this to get a peek inside their lives. If you have a secret Instagram account, you can accomplish things without revealing your identity. Furthermore, they may have only considered blocking you from seeing their story on your primary account, but it is likely that it is not prohibited on their burner or hidden account.

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If Someone Hides Their Story on Instagram, Can You See Their Highlights

Even if a person hides their Instagram profile from you, you may still see their highlights. They put highlights on Instagram for everyone to see, and you are not allowed to prevent people from seeing your highlights. Because Instagram does not allow you to prevent individuals from viewing your highlights, if they hide you from their story and then publish that story on their highlights 24 hours later, you will be able to see them.

Can Someone Know If You Hide Them From Seeing Your Story?

There is no way for others to learn that you have blocked their access to their story. They can, however, use a variety of methods to learn that you’ve hidden them from your story, such as asking a friend who follows you to show them or forward it to them.

They’ll know you’ve blocked them from reading it if they notice you submitted a story using their friend’s account but they can’t read it from their own account. If a friend who follows you sends them your story and it says ‘Story Unavailable,’ they’ll know you’ve restricted their access to your stories.

If You Hide Someone From Your Instagram Story After Posting

If you remove someone from your Instagram story after they have been published, they will still be able to view your prior stories. After you block someone, they won’t be able to see any new news. If you do not want someone to see your stories, block them before posting them. They will still be able to see any previously uploaded tales.

Does Instagram ‘This Story Is unavailable’ Mean They Blocked You From Their Story?

If you see the ‘This story is unavailable’ problem, it does not necessarily mean that someone has barred you from visiting their story; nevertheless, this message may display because your account has been blocked. If this is the case, it means they blocked you as soon as you opened the app, leaving no time for you to refresh the app for their profile to erase. You must restart the app and see their profile to confirm this. If you haven’t been blocked, the message’s origin can be attributed to the reasons indicated above.

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