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How to launch Steam Games on the second monitor in 2022

So you all might be thinking what a second monitor is right? So a few computers allow you to operate dual monitors, where two monitors are connected to one computer simultaneously. So you will require a video card in order to connect these two monitors with two ports for video out like HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, and VGA. Well, the best part is you can use these dual monitors to launch steam games and other multimedia stuff. Sounds exciting, right? So stick with us till the end to discover ways on how to launch steam games on the second monitor.

What is steam?

So steam is an online platform developed by Valve, where you can create, buy, discuss and play computer games. This platform consists of a huge number of games including mods which are user-generated features and DLC or downloadable content from indie game designers and major developers. Now that you have got an idea of what steam exactly is, let’s look into how to launch steam games on the second monitor.

Methods on how to launch the Steam Games on Second Monitor

We will be discussing a few methods through which you can successfully launch steam games on the secondary or primary monitors.

Method 1: How to launch the steam games on second monitor through Windows Mode

Many players prefer the full-screen mode while playing games on a computer. These games significantly capture the full-screen mode by the dedicated work of GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) systems on your primary monitor. Due to the same reason, the graphic card might not support games on the dual monitor display. So here you can use the window mode to access the dual monitor and steam games on it, only if allowed by the developer.

Windowed mode, full-screen mode, and borderless window mode are commonly supported by games today which make steam games easier to play on a secondary screen nowadays. Follow the steps given below to play steam games on a secondary monitor using windows mode:

Step 1: All you have to do is press the Alt + Enter keys simultaneously while the game is running to shift the screen into windows mode.

Step 2: now in order to enable the full-screen mode again, drag and drop the game screen on the dual monitor.

Step 3: you are now all set to enjoy your steam game on the secondary monitor. Check the settings of the game to find the windows mode option.

Apart from the method mentioned above, you can also open the game in the primary monitor and then press the window/super key to view all current windows opened. After doing this, move the gaming window on the dual-screen and happily enjoy steam games on dual monitors.

Method 2: How to launch the steam games on second monitor through switching the primary and secondary monitors

If you want to play the steam game on the second screen, you can simply convert the second screen into your primary monitor. This simple technique has made this method more convenient and comfortable to easily launch the steam game on your second monitor.

Make sure that your second screen has been duly connected via VGA or USB port before you head to the settings section of the game. So in order to launch your steam game on the second monitor by switching the primary and secondary monitors follow the steps given below:

Step 1: access the control panel

Step 2: Open the display settings and go to resolution

Step 3: Now head to the section showing the number of displays connected

Step 4: click on the picture of either of the monitor that you would like to convert into the primary display, from the icons of both screens

Step 5: look for a box showing “make this my main display” and mark it

Step 6: click on the option “apply” to successfully launch steam games on the secondary monitor via shifting primary and secondary monitors.

Sometimes the second screen is not visible on the display section of the control panel, then you will have to troubleshoot the problem by clicking on the ‘detect’ button. And the problem continues to appear and doesn’t display the second screen you will then have to check your USB connection.

Method 3: How to launch the steam games on second monitor through switching to Projector Mode

Users are often unaware of this method when compared to the methods mentioned above. But this particular method is quite easy to use and works in the majority of the cases. Follow the given steps to successfully launch steam games on the second monitor via switching to projector mode:

Step 1: enable the ‘second screen only’ option or the ‘projector only’ option present in your PC settings.

Step 2: Press the Windows + P keys simultaneously on the screen of your desktop

Step 3: you will find ‘second screen only/projector only’ mode, select it

After following the above steps, your initial display will become blank and you will find your game running on the dual-screen.

After launching the steam games on the second monitor, if you wish to switch back to the primary screen follow the same steps and you will land on the monitor you desire to continue on.