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Mpow H8 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Are you in the market for a new set of noise-canceling headphones? The Mpow H8 ANC Bluetooth Headphones are unboxed and reviewed in this video (Paid Link). These Mpow Headphones provide active noise cancellation, a 15-hour battery life, and comfortable over-the-ear wear.

The active noise canceling of the Mpow H8 headphones was comparable to that of the Bose Noise Canceling headphones. While they do not eliminate all background noise, they do an excellent job at softening noises and making the music sound terrific. The Mpow H8 headphone listening experience was quite nice for me, with reasonably powerful bass and crisp mids and highs. These Mpow headphones also work nicely for making phone calls.

Mpow H8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear/On-Ear Compact, Wired & Wireless Headphones with Mic, Stereo Foldable Headset with Carrying Case for PC/ Cell Phones/ TV.

Pros of the Mpow H8 ANC Headphones

  • AUX-in, which allows you to listen to the headphones even if the Mpow H8 batteries are dead.
  • Technology for Active Noise Cancellation. These headphones do a superb job of blocking out distracting background sounds. They do not exclude stronger noises such as voices or television sounds.
  • Comfy design with huge cushions on the headband and each earmuff.
  • Battery life of 15 to 20 hours. Should be plenty to keep you listening all day.
  • The earmuffs on these headphones rotate 90 degrees for storage.
  • Comparable to comparable AC headphones from Srhythm, Edifier, iDeaUSA, Sony, COWIN, MonoDeal, Paww, TaoTronics, and Avantree
  • Included is a very robust case that zips up and is spacious enough to hold accessories like the micro USB charging cord and 3.5mm AUX wire.

Cons of the Mpow H8 Headphones

  • When active noise cancellation is disabled, the sound quality suffers. Because these headphones do not fold, they are a little more difficult to store
  • The Mpow H8 Headphones have an odd odor. This tends to go away after a while, but it is worth noting
  • These headphones have a sound leaking issue. Even if the volume is set to a respectable level, anyone around you will be able to hear sound coming from them.