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Navigation Setup and Overview –Garmin Instinct Tutorial

Learn how to use the Garmin Instinct to navigate. In this lesson, I demonstrate how to configure and utilise navigation on the Garmin Instinct. The Garmin Instinct’s navigation is simple and effective. Not only will I demonstrate how to navigate on the Garmin Instinct, but I will also demonstrate how to create and change stored locations on the Garmin Instinct. Have you gotten yours yet? Not to worry!

The Garmin Instinct’s navigation functions are really outstanding. These features include the option to remember your location through GPS or manually enter GPS coordinates, navigation warnings for ETA, a live course map with pan and zoom, and the ability to swiftly Tracback if you get lost

How to setup and use navigation on the Garmin Instinct:.

Save a Location:

  1. To activate the GPS and store a new position on the Garmin Instinct, hold down the GPS button. Your current GPS position will be acquired by the watch.
  2. After acquiring the position, press the GPS button to store it. By selecting the ABC button, you may change the location. You may alter the location’s Name, Icon, Position, Elevation, or Delete it here.
  3. If you want to store a certain GPS coordinate but aren’t currently at it, add your current location, then change the location’s position (as described above) and input any point that you want to save.

Navigate to a Saved GPS Location:

  1. Select the GPS button from the watch face to view the list of possible activities. Select Navigate from the list.Navigation Setup and Overview Garmin Instinct Tutorial Navigate GPS Buttonjpg
  2. Once in the navigation activity, click Go To and then choose a stored destination from the list.
  3. Your Garmin Instinct navigation has now begun. To enter the navigation menu, hold down the Menu button. This will allow you to customise navigation warnings and switch between data panels.