If no video is showing up on your TV when you mirror Netflix from your phone, what gives?

Both devices must be connected to the same network in order to stream Netflix on a second screen; otherwise, your device will display a black screen. Has Netflix been updated to the most recent version? Making sure both devices are logged into the same Netflix account and that your app is up to date will help prevent the screen sharing feature from malfunctioning.

As well as learning how to resolve this issue in six simple stages, this tutorial will show you all the potential causes of the screen sharing not showing any Netflix video so that you can enjoy watching your favorite programs on a big screen.

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Why does screen sharing Netflix result in a black screen?

If you are screen mirroring from a device that is connected to a different network than your TV, you will get a black screen and no video when you visit Netflix. Both of your smart devices must be connected to the same internet in order to share your screen between them.

The following factors could be causing a black screen on your second display if your two devices are linked to the same network connection:

1. An out-of-date operating system

The most recent operating system that is available for download must be installed on your smartphone or tablet for it to work.

If your phone satisfies the minimal requirements for screen sharing the app onto a TV, Netflix’s screen mirroring will only function.

MobileMinimum Operating System
AndroidOS 2.3
Android TabletsOS 3.0
AppleiOS 6.0

2. Multicast is not enabled

For screen mirroring to function, your device must be able to conduct a multicast.Your video won’t be shown if you try to screen share Netflix from a device that doesn’t support the feature.

3. The Netflix app has to be updated

It might be necessary to update the Netflix app on both your second device and smart TV.

The screen mirroring capability is available on the majority of devices manufactured after 2014. On an older model, the function may not be supported if you try to screen share.

4. Different Netflix account profiles

In order to screen mirror, all of your devices must be logged into the same Netflix account. Screen sharing won’t work if your phone or tablet is currently using a separate profile.

5. A Chromecast problem

Chromecast may be offline or in need of a refresh if you are attempting to screen mirror Netflix through it. If the cast icon is visible on your display, then this is.

6. A TV display issue

If there is no video visible on your screen when screen sharing, there may be a problem with your TV screen’s display. Your device’s operation may be hampered by a broken or malfunctioning cable.

How do I fix Netflix’s Black screen mirroring?

Make sure the selected two devices are connected to the same network if your video isn’t playing on Netflix when you try to screen mirror it. Verify that your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as your TV. You will need to reconnect one of your devices if they are different.

Netflix should play the video you’ve selected once all of your smart devices are connected to the same network. Do you still have a video problem on your screen? If yes, the following procedures ought to assist in resolving this issue:

  1. Update operating system.

 Update the operating system of your device to make sure the software is compatible with the screen mirroring function.

To ensure that the connection between the two platforms is successful, both platforms must be updated to the most recent software version.

The performance of your device will increase and any potential files that might be preventing Netflix from seeing your film will be removed with updated operating systems.

  •  Check the settings

Have you made sure that multicast is turned on in your settings? It’s possible that you overlooked turning on this functionality.

You might need to double-check the user manual to make sure that this option is automatically switched on since some routers require this function to be manually activated.

  • Upgrade the Netflix app.

You should upgrade the Netflix app on your TV, smartphone, and tablet to the most recent versions.

Updating Netflix on a smart TV:

Step 1: Launch the app store from the home screen.

Step 2: Look Netflix up

Step 3: At this point, you should be able to choose “Update.”

It should be noted that if you have updated the software on your smart TV, the apps that are already installed on it should also be updated.

4. Verify Netflix user profiles

Verify that the devices you intend to utilize for screen mirroring are all signed into the same Netflix account. The second screen option won’t be usable if the accounts are different.

5. Verify the Chromecast connection.

Your connection can be interrupted if you are using Chromecast to screen share Netflix.

If your device’s “cast” image is gone, it means the connection needs to be refreshed. To finish this, choose one of the following actions:

  • Log out of Netflix and back in again
  • Restart your gadget
  • Turn Chromecast back on and off.
  • Disconnect Chromecast for a while.

With no visual problem, this ought to end screen mirroring on Netflix.

6. Unplug the second TV.

The app allows screen sharing between many smart TVs, but not simultaneously. If you attempt to use this feature simultaneously on two TVs, you will have the Netflix screen mirroring no video issue.

Restart the screen mirroring procedure after unplugging the second TV.

7. Consult a Netflix tech expert.

We advise speaking with a Netflix tech expert if you are still experiencing problems with the Netflix screen mirroring.

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How to screen mirror Netflix on a TV using a phone?

You can connect your Netflix mobile app to a smart TV to stream the video of your choice. The remote control will be your phone.

How to TV screen mirror Netflix on an iPhone or Android device

Ensure that both devices are logged into the same network before continuing.

Step 1: Use your smartphone to sign into your Netflix account.

Step 2. On the home page, select the “cast” icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Pick your TV from the list of connected devices.

Step 4. Play the video you want to.

It ought to now appear on your smart TV.

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With the help of this comprehensive guide, we hope you can now resolve the problem of Netflix screen mirroring without any video on your device by implementing the six straightforward fixes offered.

When Netflix is acting up on your phone, tablet, or TV, it’s best to always check the service status because Netflix’s server may be having issues, which could prevent the program from functioning properly.

If you have any other questions or issues, you may call Netflix at the number.

You can call them at 007 803 321 2130 (log in to your account to acquire a reference code) or utilize their Live Chat service.

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