Top 5 new features introduced in Windows 11

Microsoft has finally unveiled Windows 11, its next-generation operating system. Microsoft introduced Windows 10 in 2015, nearly six years after the release of the previous operating system. During this time, Windows 10x was revealed but was later withdrawn from the market. An all-new layout and major software updates over Windows 10 distinguish Windows 11. Design and user experience have been simplified. It is less cumbersome and provides more space. Upgrades to Windows 11 are available for free. In this article, you will read about the best features introduced in Windows 11.

This is in stark contrast to previous Windows Operating systems where the Start menu was placed at the bottom of the screen and the search bar right next to this one. Before, the Start menu was located in the hand corner of the page. Now, it’s located in the middle of the screen, making it easier for users to find things quickly. Separate desktops for gaming, work, or school are also available. Windows 11 has several other features that are worth mentioning.

Top 5 new features introduced in Windows 11

In this article, we will be discussing five new features introduced in Microsoft 11 and their detailed descriptions.

The Five New Exciting Features introduced in Windows 11

A few of the best new Windows 11 features that you should know have come to our attention during our testing so far. In this article, we have encompassed all the advanced functionality of Windows 11 in considerable detail, from the hidden ones to the main ones. Let’s start –

1. Start and the Taskbar

features introduced in Windows 11

Changes to the Start as well as Taskbar interfaces are the most obvious. This means the Start button has been relocated from the hand corner of the page after 26 years. Windows 11 also features a centered Taskbar and the Start menu experience. Taskbar and Start menu can now be lined up to the left using a toggle inside the Windows Settings app.

Starting from scratch, the Start menu now features a customizable matrix of icons that substitutes Live Tiles. These are the applications that a user has chosen must show up right on top of the Start menu, and that they are called “Pinned”. There is no limit to the number of icons you can pin, but still, only 18 of them can be viewed at one time. There’s an “All Apps” list on the Start page for apps that aren’t pinned to the main Start page.

2. Widgets

features introduced in Windows 11

The transparency element of Windows 11 helps Widgets blend seamlessly with just about everything a user has been working on, including other Widgets and desktop applications. It slides through like a “sheet of glass” to offer users a highly personalized feed powered by AI. Through using Widgets, customer can access their top news stories, weather forecasts, calendar, or track the stock exchange while continuing to work or otherwise.

Microsoft CPO Panos Panay said that publishers and creators can now deliver personalized experiences through Widgets.

Windows 11 involves new features such as Snap Groups, Snap Layouts, and Desktops to increase productivity. Multitasking is made easier with Snap Layouts, which offers different layout options while dealing with multiple apps all at the same. Apps in Snap Groups can also be opened together from the taskbar, even if the user is on a pause. User-defined wallpaper is also available for Desktops, and developers can add multiple Desktops for their work, gaming, and entertainment with separate sets of apps to standards specified.

The operating system also allows the feature of docking and undocking for the users using multiscreen.

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3. New Way to Connect Digitally with people

features introduced in Windows 11

Bring yourself closer to your passions by spending more time with the people you care about. How we create worthwhile connections to people digitally has changed over the past 18 months. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to connect, no matter wherever they are. Device or platform shouldn’t be a barrier.

Chat from Microsoft Teams is now merged in the taskbar in Windows 11. Windows, IOS, and android users can now connect easily via chat, text, voice, and video with all of their contacts, no matter which platform or handset they’re using. Even if the other person has not yet downloaded the Teams app, you still can communicate to them via two-way text messaging (SMS).

Users will be able to instantly muffle and unmute conversations, or start a presentation directly from the taskbar.

4. Unlocking new opportunities through a more open ecosystem for Creators and Developers

features introduced in Windows 11

For creators and developers, new steps have been taken further to open the Microsoft Store. Regardless of how they’re built as a Progressive Web App, Win32, Universal Windows App, or any other app basis, developers and independent software vendors or the ISVs are being allowed to reach and interact with more people. A social change to our profit-sharing policies means that app developers now can bring their economic activity into the Microsoft Store and keep 100 percent of its revenue – Microsoft takes nothing away from the revenue they generate.

App developers can even use the commerce with a profit share of 85/15, which is competitive with other services. According to Microsoft,” We’re convinced that creating a more transparent ecosystem for beneficial effects of our customers, in the long run, would work great.”

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5. The New Microsoft Store will have your favorite apps for education to entertainment

Top 5 new features introduced in Windows 11 1

Apps and content for creating, watching, working, playing, learning and more can be found in the new Microsoft Store, a solitary, trusted location. Designed to be simple and fast to use, it has been completely redesigned with a new look and feel. There will be more apps than before. All subject matter will be easier to find and discover, thanks to stories as well as collections that have been curated by Apple. Disney+, Visual Studio, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Canva will soon be joining the Microsoft Store. Each of these apps offers amazing experiences to inspire, entertain, and connect you.


The new features introduced in the Windows 11 come with a complete package of exciting experiences for all groups of people. With the various new features which will be beneficial to all from kids to the developers. The article has provided you detailed information about 5 such new features introduced in Windows 11.

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