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Optoma H184X home and outdoor projector

In this digital era, technology has advanced to new levels and now we have projectors to experience theatre-like view from home. Since there are many projectors out there, you need to look for the one which best suits your needs. So if you have a large home or you expect crystal clear picture and sound effects, then I suggest you opt for the Optoma H184X Projector.

It has got many good features and functions efficiently. This is a new level generation home theatre projector and is very handy. You can operate it very easily. It delivers perfect pictures and has mesmerizing sound effects.

First Impression and Design

First Impression and Design

The Optoma H184X Projector is an ideal indoor cum outdoor  Projector. You can experience the theater view in your home also. It is a high quality Projector with a perfect and protective finishing. You can watch, play  and entertain yourself and your family with this projector. It will not leave any stone unturned and will not disappoint you. It has a clear and perfect picture quality and a 3D screen which will make you feel things real.

This projector brings with itself the features which everyone of us desires. It will totally immerse you into its vibrant colours and amazing screen resolution. You will not be able to to restrain your eyes from watching things projected from this projector. It offers you the ease to connect in multiple ways and makes things simpler.

It is definitely a choice to count on as it is very affordable, portable and handy. It can project a big screen upto 300 inches. It has a long lamp life of 15000 hours which will work up to a pretty long time for almost 10 + years. It is efficient and you will definitely be awestruck with it’s performance. In one word, it’s truly amazing and I hope you will not be missing it.

Build Quality and Performance

Build Quality and Performance

The Optoma H184X projector definitely provides some of the best features ever. Experience theater-like view from home with the Optoma H184X Projector. The user will definitely be content with the functioning and features of this projector. The customer can experience a HD resolution screen which is compatible with displaying 3D content. 3D content can be displayed from any 3D sources. Users can easily set this up and adjust it very easily as per the requirements. It is portable and very light in weight.  The projector has a high definition resolution and ensures multiple connections that make your work easier and simpler.

Connectivity options include HDMI 1.4a 3D support, VGA-in, Composite video, Audio 3.5mm, VGA-out, Audio 3.5mm, USB-A power, RS232. It is ideal for watching movies, live sports, playing games etc. Connect your laptop, tablet, phone etc. The experience of excellent audio with the 10W built in speaker will leave you mesmerised. The incredible picture quality will immerse you into it and you will be lost to your surroundings. You can get a big screen of almost 300″ for gaming.The advanced auto power off feature helps save energy as it turns off the projector after a certain period of inactivity. The projector can be set up without any wired connections i.e, it can be operated on wireless networks. Watching the vibrant and amazing colours displayed is a feast to your eyes. The projector can adjust to any environment and operate efficiently.

Features and Functioning

Features and Functioning

The Optoma Home theater projector  displays a screen of brightness 3600 lumens. This feature enables us to use it anywhere providing a good visibility both indoors or outdoors. So, it’s time to say hello to late-night backyard movies in summer.

The  lamp can operate up to 15000 hours. On an average, if you would be watching for 4 hours per day, ultimately the projector would run for 10 long years. It has a contrast ratio of 28000:1 and therefore delivers excellent and perfect picture quality both in bright or dark scenes. The 10 watt built in speaker makes you feel mesmerizing in the sounds. The projector enhances good audio experience with this 10 watt built in speaker.It is HD and has a brilliant resolution of 720p with 1080p input.

It supports standard throw projection and delivers a 120″  picture when  the projector is placed 14 feet away from the screen. You can easily set this up and it provides a 1.1x zoom. It displays accurate and precise pictures and also supports 3D content to be displayed on the screen. The 3D content can be displayed from Blu-ray disc players, games etc but one needs to use 3D glasses to experience the 3D screen.

It is perfectly suitable for large homes due to its impressive and advanced features. The refresh rate of 120Hz delivers vibrant and flicker free images on screen. It supports HDMI and USB connections and works or operates without any  noise. The other connectivity options include HDMI 1.4a 3D support, VGA-in, Composite video, Audio 3.5mm, VGA-out, Audio 3.5mm, USB-A power, RS232. You can connect to laptops, firesticks and other devices for better theater experience.

  • It has HD resolution
  • It supports 3D content from any 3D sources
  • It provides you with multiple connectivity options
  • Wireless connectivity network
  • It has an incredible refresh rate of 120Hz
  • 1.1x zoom
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Vibrant colours and has a 10 watt built-in speaker
  • Bad customer service


I hope this article was helpful and I hope you will not miss this highly efficient projector which not only displays things on the screen but also gives mesmerizing sounds without any noise and is compatible with most of the devices for pairing and casting screens. So, I wish you will definitely count on this projector as it guarantees good quality and efficient operation.

Similar to this Projector, you may also opt for Optoma HD146X high performance Projector or the Optoma HD20HDR 1080p Projector. These two also work similarly as the Optoma H184X. They  cost around the same range as the H184X. I hope you will definitely count on these projectors.