How to Play Free Fire with a Controller on Android and iOS 2022

Presently Free Fire, and other games that are similar to it, are played by a large amount of players across the globe If you’re looking to learn how to you can play Free Fire with a controller linked via the Android or iPhone cellphone We will give you some suggestions on how to play it.

How to Play Free Fire with a controller on Android?

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If you are wondering whether it’s required to download an app or a software that maps buttons in your device, the answer is yes. There are different ways in connecting an gamepad, controller, or Gamepad to mobile devices.

It is essential to ensure that your controller Gamepad you intend to utilize has a bluetooth connection In addition to that, you should take into consideration that games like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile. Today, they’re not 100% compatible with this kind of controllers.

Even though the developers of these games haven’t decided on the possibility of using these mistakes, they could happen, or it could be that the controller you plan to use might not be compatible, and consequently not function.

Bluetooth connection

  • It is essential to have your controller up-to-date. This can be done through the internet. An example of this is an Ipega 9062s remote that is updated via the internet.
  • The bluetooth is turned on from the remote using R1 and Home. (2 lights will come on and continue to blink)
  • The remote is connected to our mobile device using bluetooth. (we must enable the bluetooth on your mobile)
  • After this, we can start playing directly. (there is no requirement to open any other application to allow the controller to function.) If the game starts to display image errors or runs at a slow speed it is recommended to restart the control. Without needing to quit the game currently running, you just switch off and turn on either the control or Gamepad and that’s all there is to it.
  • With USB-OTG connector.
  • Utilizing this extension to use the remote control on your Android phone is an easy job. We will first connect the cable native to the remote controller to its input. Next, we will use the extension USB-OTG to connect the cable to our smartphone.

Once we are connected, we need to switch on our controller and keep the button on for a short period of time. It will be checked to see if it’s working on the display of our phone and that’ll be the end of it. Some mobiles may request an authorization or issue an indication.

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How do I Play Free Fire with controller on iPhone

As with the connection on Android the remote can be connected to the remote to an iOS device using Bluetooth. Be aware that some controls aren’t fully compatible in this game, and the possibilities are different, but the process is similar.

To activate our Bluetooth on our remotes, keep pressing the button to start for a short period of time before entering the Bluetooth connections on our mobile and check if the remote is in view. When we recognize it, we can connect it the same way as any other device. Then, we are able to play with our remote.

What Android games can you play using PS4 controllers? PS4 controller?

Some of the games you can play using PS4 control are:

  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Only One
  • GRIP
  • Unkilled
  • Modern Combat 5: Blackout
  • Horizon chase
  • Oddmar
  1. Octopus is the app that lets us enjoy Free Fire with a controller linked to the mobile
  2. We will search on our Play Store and download the “Octopus” application.
  3. In order for everything to function correctly the controllers or Gamepad should be able to connect other devices using Bluetooth connection.
  4. We connect our Gamepad directly to the mobile device.
  5. We are in the Octopus application, and from here we can access Free Fire.
  6. We then configure and map our controllers, or Gamepad according to our preferences.
  7. With these steps you can enhance your gaming experience. it may be uncomfortable if your preference is console games. In in that case we suggest playing Free Fire from a PCwith Android emulators and connect your controller through Bluetooth without the need for intermediary apps.

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Do I risk being exiled from the game because I used the controller?

Presently, there haven’t been any players to announce that they have been excluded from playing through the use of controllers or Gamepads However this doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t any possibility that it will be banned, and if you happen to find that your account was suspended, it is possible to be reactivated.

Although the companies that develop the software have not yet issued any kind of notification that prohibits they would prohibit the usage of their controllers or Gamepads is forbidden, there is the possibility is that they might be able to do this in the near future, in order to prevent huge advantage between gamers.

If you are looking to enhance your gaming experience with these devices, it’s perfect but it wouldn’t harm to test it on another account to ensure that there will not be any bans.

What is Ipega?

It’s it’s a Wireless game controller that works with IOS or Android devices.These are specifically designed to improve the experience of gaming on mobile apps like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and many more.

The devices are compatible with compatibility with Android 6.0 plus, IOS11.0 or greater system. Ipega Controllers and Gamepads allow connectivity to mobile devices using Bluetooth.

Today, there is a huge range of Gamepads or controllers that are available for the specific needs of each player. We hope this article can be of benefit to you. We wish you the best of luck in helping it available to more people who you know require it and are eager to get into the world of top shooter games.

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