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How to play guide for Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Beginners often feel frustrated when they start playing a game they know almost nothing about. They end up uninstalling the game after a series of failures. It’s even more frustrating with a game such as Splitgate with the unique portalling feature. 

The game can be fun and promises hours of intense excitement with those pads tightly clutched in hand. However, you’ll need some pro tips, as we’ll share below. Furthermore, we recommend visiting Battlelog for the best Splitgate hacks and cheats to lighten things up a little bit.

Splitgate Basics


Splitgate is a first-person shooter game where players compete in teams comprising four players. To win the game, players have to accumulate a certain number of points as they play the game. Moreover, the number of points they must reach depends on the game mode they’re playing.

However, the in-game activity that rewards the highest points is killing enemies. Also, the game has a unique feature known as portals. Players in Splitgate cast portals on different surfaces such as walls or ceilings. 

In addition, portals are the fastest means of moving around in the game. Also another feature in the game that aids movement is Jetpacks. Jetpacks operate with juice and run for a specific time before exhaustion. You have to wait for a recharge before using it again.

Special controls

The unique features of the game birthed the need for some additions to the controls. Here are the basics: Mouse 2 allows you to aim while you pull the trigger with mouse 1. The Q button controls purple portals, while the E button controls orange portals. 

The remaining buttons will execute the conventional R for reloading and C for Crouching. Lastly, the spacebar takes charge of your Jetpack and jumping.

Tips and Tricks for playing Splitgate

  1. Don’t use EMPs on opponents.

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