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Easy ways to play music through the mic in 2021

How to Play Music Through Mic?

Have you ever tried to play music through the mic and failed miserably because of the terrifying noise it makes? or Are you also fond of making different kinds of videos and posting them on your social media channels and have always wanted to add some music or sound clip? well, this is definitely possible with the help of an audio mixer like the soundboard which makes it really easy to do so. Unfortunately, we all know how expensive and cost-consuming these audio mixers are.

Easy ways to play music through the mic

But, Do not get disheartened here, this article will guide you with ways through which you can easily play music through the mic without burning a hole in your pocket.

How to talk and play music through the mic in Windows 10

There are multiple applications available which could help you do this, like:

With the apps mentioned above, you can very easily add up and play music through the mic. You can continue to speak and play music as per your content just like how you would have seen you tubers doing the same in gaming videos or roosting content wherein you would have been wondering how they do it. Well, now you will be able to do it as well with complete ease. Just continue reading to explore the process.

How to play music through the mic?

You can do this by changing your default microphone to the system sound.

  1. Move to the control panel
  2. Then in Hardware and Sound
  3. Click on Manage Audio Devices
  4. The Recording and Stereo Mix should be enabled and finally send to Default Mic.

Your Problem would be resolved by the above steps and you will be able to play Music through the Mic.

How to play music through the mic in discord?

Would you mind some awesome music when you are playing a game with your friends? Of course not, Instead you would enjoy it to the core. What if I tell you that you can play music from YouTube itself by just installing some of the plugin devices like Rhythm MedalBot or FredBot.

But the question is how does it work. Actually, it is simple, certain bots present there are to be commanded of which music is to be played or which music is to be stopped.

COMAND FOR PLAY : m!play Song Name


By using the above command Metalbot is asked to accomplish the task.

Steps for playing music through the mic:

  1. One must first download an app like VoiceMeeter, Clownfish, MorphVox  Soundpad, or Rust Soundboard which are PC Soundboard Apps that help in playing music.
  2. After installing connect the Microphone to it by:
  3. Going in Control Panel
  4. Then to Hardware & Sound
  5. Finally check Manage Audio Devices
  6. You would find Recording and enabling Stereo Mix. It should be the default mic in settings. add your favorite music on the soundboard that you would like to play.

Play music through the mic

You would have definitely heard those amazing background sounds while watching a gaming video. This just gives a wonderful effect altogether. You would have always wanted to do it but would have been unable as you don’t know how it is supposed to be done. The gamers use the highly expensive Audiomixer apps but nothing to worry I would not want you to spend even a penny as I have other ways out for giving the same effect. If you want to learn them all then just continue reading further.

  1. Using clownfish for playing music through the microphone while playing games at the same time.

This is an amazing app offering number of voices like radio, male, female, baby, robotic, alien, fast normal, slow, Atari game, and clone. This app is supported by Windows, Linux Ubuntu, MacOS X. Also amazing feature of this app is that it is applicable on Teamspeak, Mumble, Steam, Discord, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, and many similar Apps too. If you want to use YouTube music you can add a link to it.

  • How to use VoiceMeeter and  Soundboard together to play music through the mic?

This app is such a delight to its users as it provides so many benefits that one can have his own soundboard and add shortcuts to it to play his favorite songs. The sound is not natural that it seems to be coming directly from the microphone itself.

Here are few of the steps you need to do to use this app:

  • Both of these apps should be downloaded ad Voicmeeter and Soundboard.
  • Enable the two apps by getting into the startup tab in the task manager.
  • One must set the settings like the output of the Soundboard should be the input of the voice meter and before that do not forget to enable Voicemeeter output and input.
  • Also, select your mic and speaker as your hardware for input and output respectively.
  • Now check if the game is using Voicemeeter as its input device or not.

Rust Soundboard

This is used by many YouTubers especially those who are into making gaming videos due to the fact it has a very good collection of cringe sounds like squeaky sounds, metal screw sounds, spring-loaded metal door sounds, and many more.

It is also people’s favorite due to the fact that it can be used easily by just downloading the app and in case you face any problem you just have to update the app to set it right.


Now as you already know how to play music through the microphone you must also know how to check if it’s actually working. It is pretty simple doing that by just recording sound at Audacity and trying to hear it another way to find it out is by just asking your friend if they could hurt the various sound effects while you are playing games. We have already given you a number of apps which you could use for playing music through mic but nothing can replace an audio mixer so if you are really into all this you could actually purchase one or get a subscription or a paid version of these applications which would also work well.

Thank you for reading our article on ‘Easy ways to play music through the mic in 2021‘. If you have any queries, please comment below. We would love to help you.