Prevent Social Networking Accounts from Being Hacked – Tips To Secure Your self

By | January 12, 2019

Prevent Social Networking Accounts from Being Hacked – Tips To Secure Your self

Prevent Social Networking Accounts from Being Hacked – Tips To Secure Your selfHello Friends..! Today I am Telling you to secure your social networking accounts from hackers and malicious software.

There is a lot of ways from which you may get hacked by hackers and your personal information be publically. So be aware of what hackers do to take over your account.

It is very important to be secure while Facebook or using any other social networking sites.

Now, without wasting time I am going to share some information to secure yourself.

So Today We Will learn Some Basic Tips to Not to get hacked from hackers while using facebook..

Tips to Prevent Fb Accounts from Being Hacked

Prevent Social Networking Accounts from Being Hacked

1) Application Permission:

Whenever You Install Any games or any application. it will ask for your permission and it can ask for any permission even it can take your full access to your account.

So while Giving permission to any application just read it carefully and then accept anything. Beware next time and secure your FB accounts from being hacked.

2) Spammy Video links:

Also, beware of videos which you got any notification from friends. Spammers are targeting Facebook for spreading links of spammy videos, which when you click on links and your account got take over by hackers for commenting spammy videos on so many places. be aware of this type of hack and be safe from being got hacked. 

3) Download Notification:

Sometimes when you watch any video you get notification of download any codec to view this video. it may be real but it may be a virus(Trojan Horse) which can defect your pc. it can take your all accounts which are running on your smart and update your antivirus and safe from being got hacked. 

4) E-Mail from Facebook(Scam):

If You are using any big Facebook pages you may get an email or message in your FB Account. It May be any scam of stealing cookies. The message would so official be looking and making you click on any link. but be aware don’t click there it may be the link of any trojan horse or any cookies stealing app. Be Aware and Be safe from being got hacked. 

No Facebook team will never Send you such messages, so Don’t forgets to Report that message.

Protect Yourself:

Facebook Continues to work on their security but some hackers are still working on making any loophole.

Here are tips to making yourself secure

   ›  Add your phone number and Change its privacy to Only me, So Even if there is any problem in your FB account you may easily get it back by making facebook send you Code to your Mobile. And Changing your Phone number and Privacy to Only me Will make sure that is other people will not be able to see your Phone number.

   ›  Add Security Question as a Secondary option to get back your Facebook account. Choose a Question and Answer to which only you know. or add any other Unique answer which nobody knows but so make sure you are able to remember it.

   ›  Add People as Friends that you know personally, Many times people on facebook adds many other people who they don’t even know by their face. Facebook Asking you to identify Friends in which they are Tagged in.

   ›  Turn on Notification when you log in to your facebook account, so whenever you log in, you get a mail from Facebook with information about time, date, Operating system, and Browser.

   ›  Change your Password Frequently, It is said that you must Use your  Password as your Toothbrush. So keep changing it Frequently to Prevent Social Facebook Accounts from Being Hacked.

So these were some Basic Tips that Facebook users must Consider in order to keep their Facebook account secure and safe. I hope this helps.



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