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25 Best Reading Apps for Book Lovers

Books are the most ancient way to collect infinite knowledge and what would be more exciting for book lovers than an application that will help you to read any book, magazine, comics and many more paperback formatted books using your smartphone. So and so on, We prepared a list for 25 Best Reading Apps for Book Lovers.

Here Are The Top 25 Best Reading Apps For Book Lovers

1. Amazon Kindle (Free) – Using this Amazon Kindle device, you can search, read, buy books, newspapers in their vast collection of books.

2. Aldiko Book Reader (Premium – $4.99) – Aldiko Book Reader is a good option to read ebooks and this app is available for iOS and Android devies.

3. Google Play Books (Free) – Created by Google, The Google Play Books is is filled with all kind of ebooks in a very good format.

4. Kobo Books (Free) – Kobo books gives their uses $5 as a credit to buy ebooks and it contains over 5 million reading material.

5. Wattpad (5.99$ per month) – Wattpad can be used on phones as well as web browsers.

6. Scribd (9.99$ per month) – You can use Scribd to get unlimited ebooks such as books coma audiobooks, articles and many more.

7. Foxit PDF Reader Premium – (0.99$) Foxit is the app where you can read, print, view and save your docs. 8.

8. Hoopla Digital (Free) – Hoopla digital is very different from all these other application because it can stream books, music and video oriented media.

9. Moon+ Reader (Premium – 4.99$) – Moon+ Reader is a fully featured application to read books and it contains thousands of online ebook material.

10. Oodles E-book Reader (Free) – The Oodles E-book Reader have more than 60000 free ebooks, audio books and many more.

11. Prestigio Book Reader (Premium – 2.99$) – Prestigio book reader supports more than 20 languages and it is a very popular application in the the ebook application community.

12. ReadEra (Free) – ReadEra caused due to no money E and provide you some better features to make your reading convenient.

13. PocketBook Reader (Free) – Pocketbook reader app supports nearly all kinds of book and audiobook formats.

14. NOOK (Free) – NOOK app it is a very famous app and it makes your reading experience quite significant.

15. OverDrive (Free) – OverDrive is also very different from the list because it gives your feature where you can borrow ebooks without giving any late fee.

16. Media365 (Premium – 4.99$) – The Media365 ebooks application gives you a set of their original content which includes some Mind Blowing stories.

17. Bluefire Reader (Free) – You can use Bluefire reader to create your own personal library and also it has some premium features to give you to a rich experience like you are reading a real book.

18. AIReader (Premium – 9.72$) – AIReader is a very minimalistic reader which makes it easy to use.

19. Bookari (Free) – Bookari is a very flexible reader where you can sync your personal library.

20. FullReader (Free) – FullReader reader is very advanced for ebook reading and it it supports all type of formats.

21. Libby (Free) – Libby is a very useful ebook reader app and a fan favourite.

22. ComiXology (premium – 2.99$ per month) – ComiXology is mostly used to read comics, Manga and other kind of graphic novels.

23. FBReader (premium -5.99$ per month) – FBReader supports FictionBook, EPUB and many more formats and it works on android and IOS both.

24. Cool Reader (Free) – Cool reader has a very e vintage kind of interface like it can flip pages like you are reading a real book.

25. EBookDroid (premium – 2.99$) – EBookDroid is mostly used to view documents and customising them.

And here are the 25 Best Reading Apps for Book Lovers.

At The End

You can download all these applications on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

We hope that this article will help you to choose your preferred reading application by reading our 25 Best Reading Apps for Book Lovers.

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