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How to Remove Recent files from Start Menu in Windows 11 easily and efficiently

Windows 11 has already been installed on your computer. If you answered yes, you must love the new Windows 11 user experience. Windows 11’s start menu is another one of those variations that might have been improved. In this article, we will learn about the steps involved to Remove Recent files from Start Menu in Windows 11.

Brief on Windows 11 Start Menu

Remove Recent files from Start Menu in Windows 11

It is now possible to download the Windows 11 insider build, and also the stable version will be released soon. The vast majority of Windows 11’s additional features, such as the new Start Menu, are included. Now that the taskbar is in the center of the screen, Windows 11’s start menu can be symmetrical. Considering how awesome the new Start Menu appears to look, numerous users are excited about trying Windows 11 because of the new user interface.

Having used Windows 11 for a week, I can attest that the performance, which includes battery life, has improved significantly. UI centering and new graphics are the two main contributors to this change in the user interface. Included in Windows 11’s latest start menu. Windows 11 has a minimalistic look and feel that most users opt for. But not all of it will be to our taste, as individual preferences can vary.

Remove Recent Files from Start Menu in Windows 11

Remove Recent files from Start Menu in Windows 11

Windows 11 introduces two new sections here to the Start Menu: Pinned and Recommended. There are all of your apps installed there in the pinned section, and recently installed apps will be added to this section as well. It is a very beneficial tab, as it allows us to quickly locate any applications on our computer.

Suggested files and folders are different because they are based on files and folders opened recently. There are times when the recommended section contains only the same kinds of files, and this can be irksome. Many of you may also want to eliminate recent files from Windows 11 start menu, which is a common request. The guide is therefore available.

Under Windows 11 start menu, it would’ve been nice if users could select which types of files they want to be displayed in the recommended section of the menu. Nevertheless, it displays a list of all files. Heavily modified files can be hidden in Windows 11’s start menu. But because Windows 11 is a new operating system and there are many new settings, users may not be familiar with them. Well, how to expel recent folders from the Windows 11 start menu will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Up until the point where you reverse these settings, recent files will no longer appear in the start menu.

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