How to remove someone from Messenger (Step by Step guide)

This easy guide will teach you how to remove someone from messenger, not just unfriending them, but also un-following and totally blocking the user from your Facebook Messenger Friend list.

There can be several reasons to block someone from messenger or to remove them from facebook messenger, few of them are:

  • Someone is stalking you.
  • Someone might want some irrelevant information.
  • They might had messaged the wrong person with same name.
  • Advertising purpose.

The list goes on, but now, it is our responsibility that, if the person isn’t known to us, we must make sure to block them, or to remove them instantly from our list. Why so? In many cases, it may cause harm to you. They may try phishing or may try to gather some personal information such as bank account details or something more personal to you. That is why, if you ever get a message from someone whom you do not know, ask them politely about who they are? If you still don’t recognize then just block them on facebook without wasting another second, or just block them on messenger (facebook).

Facebook Messenger allows people to message you even without having you as a friend or you following them, so this is why there is a need to learn how to prevent people you don’t know from disturbing your inbox with irrelevant messages or spamming.

You might remove a contact, but to remove someone from a messenger is a big deal, but we got you covered. This option is very useful for people in so many groups where there are different varieties of people having different opinions, rude or kind ones.

How To Remove Someone From Messenger?
how to remove someone from messenger

How To Remove Someone From Messenger?

This is an easy procedure to follow, it might have been difficult if you never knew this tutorial, so follow the instructions if you intend to get rid of a user on your Messenger chat list.

Method 1 – To remove someone from messenger

  1. Login to Facebook via Mobile App, Microsoft Windows App or Web Version.
  2. Open the Profile of the user who messaged you and not on your friend’s list.
  3. After locating the Profile, Tap the friend and unfriend or unfollow, just in case you were friends, if not…
  4. Tap on the three-dotted option button and block the user from seeing your Facebook profile which means you are free from messages from the user.

This is one way to do that, there are many other ways as well, read on to see how to remove someone from messenger and be free from annoying chats of strangers.

Method 2 – To remove someone from messenger 

  1. Using Facebook Messenger, open the software, Android, Windows or iPhone.
  2. Click on the People contact which shows all active friends on your list.
  3. Now you can locate the person you want to remove from the messenger.
  4. Near the Profile’s call button, click Info > Remove Contact.
  5. Option to either Accept or Decline will be shown, accept to remove the user. from your list.

This is for method two which strictly uses Messenger rather than the Facebook App since this is why you are here. After implementing this method 2, when a non friend sends you a message, instead of it appearing on your Messenger chats, it can be seen on Message request, this means only approved chats will be distributed to you.

In addition to that, when you decline the chat, the person will not be able to converse with you, see your profile pic or online status. They will not see the message “you cannot reply to this chat” when you decline their chat like when you blocked someone on Messenger, rather when you view their message on the request section, he/she will not know it has been read till you accept and reply, also if you decline it, they will not be notified also, but Facebook will not deliver any of their messages to you.

The options and settings are different on all platform, I will focus on Android version procedure to get rid of someone on Messenger Android App.

How To Remove Someone From Messenger Android App?

  1. Open the latest version of the Messenger app for Android Device.
  2. Tap a user Profile Picture on the App.
  3. Next to the Call and Video icon at the top of the chat, click the Info Icon.
  4. Scroll down, Under Privacy click Ignore Messages.
  5. You’ll get a warning message with the bold text “Ignore this conversation?”
  6. Click Ignore

By following the above three methods you can block or remove anyone from your facebook messenger application. You can read the FAQs below for any other query. We are glad if you would have helped you in any kind from the above article. Stay tuned with us and follow India Techno Blog for more such articles in future. We hope for a better way to solve things especially providing the most accurate information and details regarding any articles that are available with us. 

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