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How To Schedule a Text Message On iPhone in 2021

Can you Schedule Text Messages on iPhone? That is a question for deep thought and many iPhone users want to find if this is really possible? I’ll tell you, yes you can schedule text message on iPhone to automatically deliver later without it being delayed.

A Scheduled Text message is really beneficial because it helps deliver text messages when you aren’t with your phone, this is done automatically by the time you set on your iPhone device.

There is a Scheduled application on the iPhone that helps you schedule text messages for a future date and time since there is no in-built feature that does this on any iPhone devices yet.

It’s important you know this app shared on this post is a third-party application for iPhone that does this work for you, although to get full features you need to pay a certain amount. The Premium version gives access to automatic schedule messages while the free version only reminds you to do so.

How Can I Schedule a Text Message On iPhone?

Step 1 – Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

Get the iPhone Schedule application on your device and follow the on-screen prompt