Secrets of Getting Organic Traffic to your Blog

By | December 29, 2018

Secrets of Getting Organic Traffic to your Blog

Hello everyone, Hope you are doing well in your blogging career. you are also fond of blogging Day & night. when you get free time, you start blogging. I am also like you I also start blogging when I have free time. So without wasting time, our today’s question is How To Get Organic Traffic to your Blog? So, well. We all want organic and real traffic. it is very useful for money earning.

At starting we all face many problems in this career. but we have to write on our niche without thinking of earning at the very early stage. so, I am here to help you all for Getting Organic Traffic to your Blog.

Secrets of Getting Organic Traffic to your Blog

Secrets of Getting Organic Traffic to your Blog

So, here are the tips which I am giving you at free of cost by which you can get organic Traffic on your Blog.

Proper On-Page Optimisation is a must

As we have to know that SEO is the heart of any website. we have to do some On-Page Optimisation on Website. If you want to earn some money or Traffics for your website. you have to learn SEO. One of the parts of SEO is On-Page Optimisation. So, we will learn about this in our next articles but I am explaining little content here.

While learning or doing about On-Page Optimisation Please note in mind if you are doing this thing do with complete Efforts. Take Care of URL or complete Structure of H1, H2, H3, H4 tags, and complete care of Meta Description or meta tags and post Title etc. If you are by mistake forgetting this thing in any articles you will consider bad by Google. I think you have understood what I have said. If you have any doubt or problem just Share that in the comments section below.

Social Sharing is Good For Health

Social Sharing is really mattered for your website’s health. It gave you direct traffic to your website. Just share which you have recently posted on your blog. now you are thinking how could be anyone can get Real Organic Traffic with just sharing Socially. Yeah! anyone can get this just by sharing your post in different groups of Facebook or by sharing your post on any other social website.

So, Leave your other work get some direct traffic/organic traffic with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Just share and get. It is the easiest way to getting traffic with some little efforts.

Posting Regularly

The New Question Arises how can anyone Attract Traffic by just regularly posting. believe me, it can be possible by just doing some efforts on posting regularly. Google will crawl daily those domains who have daily updates on their domain.

So, I am recommending you to post daily because its helpful for you and your domain in getting traffic. Instead of resting and posting some days a Week just posts Daily at least one post a day.

Google Policies should be Followed

If you are doing some long-term Blog. You should follow Google Policies. If you got any penalty from googling your blog will get no index for a long time. It is not good for your Blog.

Don’t Spam on your website otherwise, Google will not getting you above in its searches. Don’t use Black Hat Tricks these tricks only works for short span after that it will more tough to get your blog above in this Competition market.


In the Last, I am suggesting you the all these above-mentioned Tricks. Just use this in your daily blogging life and Get result as an Organic or Direct Traffic on your blog/Website. Stay Tuned for getting new content daily. Happy Blogging.



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