Secrets of Getting Indexed #1 in Search Rankings

By | December 30, 2018

Secrets of Getting Indexed #1 in Search Rankings

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delay in new Post because I was busy on some projects. So, Talk about some new technologies. I have heard about Google Search Ranking. You also Know that Google Search Ranking is a very important thing to get your niche blog above in this competitive world. Now I am Going to share my ideas about getting you on First Page of Google. Here, I am Sharing Some method of Getting Indexed #1 in Searching Ranking.

Secrets of Getting Indexed #1 in Search Rankings

Secrets of Getting Indexed #1 in Search Rankings

Tips Of Getting Indexed #1 In Google:-

Here Is the list of Latest Tactics for Getting Indexed #1 In Google

#1. Pick Domain Which is Best:-

Always Select that domain which is good in SEO. The .com Domain is Good and it is SEO Friendly. I am Recommend you to Select .com Domain for your blog or website.

Here are the list of Top-Level Domain Extension and their Name:-

1:- .COM:- For the Commercial Domain.
2:- .IN:- For the Indian Domain.
3:- .NET:- For the Organisation.
4:- .EDU:- For Education.
5:- .GOV:- For Government.
6:- .MIL:- For US Military.

For Example:- If Your Choosing your domain For your Blog and Your blog is about Technology. Then you should choose Keyword Technology in your Domain. Like Wise, I have Also Choose It Would Rank Good If its Good In All Things.

Best Domain Purchasing Sites in India

› Godaddy

› Bluehost

#2. Produce Good Content:-

Content is King In this Blogging Field. You Should have to generate Good and Quality Content for a better ranking. If You are working as Blogger you should have to make a quality blog post so that it will lie in Search Rankings in Top by this you will get More Visitors and User to your mailing list.

The second Question Arises from Ideas. That From Where You Should Take Ideas of Writing Blog Post. Suppose Your Blog is on Blogging Tips, Blogger Widgets or Money Making Tips. You should take Help from Google For this. Search about two to three article of blogging tips of writing or any topic you wish and go through that and then write it with your own mind by choosing a Great Topic.

It Will Help You Generating A great Blog Post.

#3. Submit Your Sitemap To Google/Webmaster:-

Submit Your Site’s Sitemap To Google So by this Google Will Crawl your website for better result. Google Will Never Crawl your Site when you ask for you Crawl Google Will Crawl. Google Has Robots which Crawl Your Site. Google Will get to know about the site after your submission of Sitemap to Google.
So, By submitting your site to Google Webmaster Tool you will get a visitor and get high rank in Google Search Engine.

#4. Search Engine Optimisation:-

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is main work of getting your Website/Blog in the top of the Google. I am just giving some information about SEO and further description will be given in my next post which will be about SEO Tactics.

it has divided into seven parts:-

  1. Keyword Research.
  2. Use Special Tags.
  3. Keyword Density.
  4. Backlinks Building.
  5. Meta Tags & Description.
  6. Optimize for Google Updates.
  7. Manage Website Insights.

Last Advice

I have an Advice for you which will be very helpful for you. Actually, I am talking about Hire SEO expert from Freelancing website they will help you lot in ranking your website on keywords and all other work of search engine optimization.

So! Guyz By using these simple steps you can get Good Google and Alexa Rankings. If you are good at Seo Techniques you will rank Good. Take care guys and gals.

Happy blogging.



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