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How Can You See The Date You Followed Someone on Instagram?

Instagram has been the most popular app for a long time, and it looks like everyone is using it. It became popular following its initial release in 2010, and it has remained popular ever since. Despite declining user growth, it continues to be one of the most popular social networking platforms.

Just like on Facebook and Twitter, you can create an account and contribute photos and videos to update your feed for everyone else to see. Depending on who and how many people you follow, your feed might have you scrolling for hours. Your submission will display in both your feed and the feeds of your followers. From this page, they will be able to like, comment, share, save, and DM your post to others.

Your Instagram experience is driven by who you follow and the amount of material on your feed, however the amount of items on the explore page determines many people’s Instagram experiences.

When you follow someone, you can see how many Followers and Followings they have, as well as their highlights, previous posts, and current articles. You’ve probably followed a lot of people if you’ve been on Instagram for a while. This might be celebrities, friends and relatives, or individuals you just admire.

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Can you See the Date You Followed Someone on Instagram?