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Why is Someone You’ve Never Spoken to on Snapchat is in the recent chats list?

To communicate with people on Snapchat, go to the conversations page on the left. All conversations are saved here, and you may easily select a person with whom you’ve recently spoken to contact them without having to look for their name.

The conversations list shows the most recent chats you’ve had with people, and if you’ve had a conversion with someone in the past, an arrow will either appear, indicating that they opened your message and didn’t respond, or a box will appear, indicating that you opened the message last and didn’t respond. When you want to send a snap, there’s also a recent area that shows you who you’ve recently messaged.

When you look at your Snapchat recent chats list, you could see someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, yet their name shows in the recent conversations you’ve had in the last few days.

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