How to Create Spoiler Images on Discord Mobile

How can you make spoiler images on Discord mobile? I demonstrate how to create and then submit spoiler photos in the Discord mobile app for iOS and Android. This means you can generate spoiler photos on your phone and send them to Discord right from the mobile app. If you have any questions when creating spoiler photos on Discord mobile, please leave them in the comments.

Spoilers, whether online or offline, are always annoying to deal with. Having anything spoilt for you is a pain in the rear when you want it to be a surprise or when you want to experience something for yourself. For years, social media networks like Twitter and Facebook have been a breeding ground for spoilers, and Discord is no exception. Because server interactions move so quickly, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that your message might be read by hundreds of people. If you suspect what you’re writing may be a spoiler for someone, you can use spoiler tags to be considerate and respectful of them.

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What is a Spoiler Image on Discord?

A Discord spoiler picture is a blurred image that hides its contents until the user turns off the blur to see the image. This might be handy for providing content that not everyone on the server is familiar with, such as novels, TV series, or movies.

They implemented a tool called spoiler tags to prevent the negative impacts of spoilers. Users can utilize them to disguise their uploaded information behind a shadow. Other users will see nothing and stay unspoiled if they look over their writing. Simultaneously, if others wish to view what you submitted, they can click the shadow to disclose it.

Follow the steps to Create Spoiler Images on Discord Mobile:

  • Rename the picture you wish to use as a spoiler to begin with SPOILER_ in all capitals. SPOILER testimage is an example.
  • After renaming the spoiler picture, long press it and select share. Select Discord from the sharing choices, then the server and channel.
  • Choose Post.
  • The blurry spoiler notice should be included with the image.

How to use spoiler tags on Discord (mobile)

To use spoiler text on DisTo spoiler text on Discord mobile, place it at the beginning and the end of your message.

When finalized and delivered, your text will be hidden until the watching party clicks on your remark.

Images, videos, and links

To access your gallery, tap the Plus button in the bottom left corner. Find your image in the gallery and choose it; when selected, a little checkmark will appear over the image.

After picking an image from the gallery, do not touch the paper aircraft button. After picking your image, instead of tapping the darkish space above the gallery, tap the darkened space above the gallery.

Your picture should display in a bar above the space where you text. It should be tapped.

After tapping your image, a pop-up will appear with the option to mark it as a spoiler. To add a spoiler tag to the image, tick the box.

Please send your photo or video. Unless the observing party presses on it, it will not be seen.

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