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Stop the Xbox series x from restarting automatically if it turns off by itself

Xbox Series X automatically shuts off at random? Have you tried restarting the hardware but keep running into the same issue? This article will explain why your console acts in this manner and how to resolve the problem by following simple troubleshooting procedures.

In November 2020, the Xbox Series X, a next-generation gaming console, was unveiled. At higher resolutions, it offers a quick load time and a high frame rate. Additionally, this system supports games running at 120 frames per second and up to 8k resolution.

Despite having top-notch functionality, consumers claim that the Xbox Series X game system occasionally powers off on its own. The console may be acting up that way for a number of reasons. Find out why it occurs and what you can do to resolve the situation and resume your enjoyment of gaming.

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Why does my Xbox Series X automatically switch off?

One of the following things may be the cause of your Xbox game system turning off by itself.

  • The Xbox Series X has shut itself off to prevent overheating.
  • The game system is frequently crashing.
  • The Xbox Series X is being forced by next-generation games to overperform, which causes it to shut down.
  • The Xbox Series is configured to shut down instantly
  • Xbox Series X hardware requires repair or replacement due to malfunction.

What causes the Xbox Series to automatically turn off?

The majority of consumers report experiencing an Xbox Series random shut-off while using it to play games or navigate the gaming menu. You can attempt the following troubleshooting procedures to resolve this problem.

Refrain from overheating the Xbox Series X.

  • When it becomes too hot, the console occasionally shuts down. Usually, this occurs when you play for a lengthy period of time. Make the following checks to resolve Xbox Series X overheating problems.
  • Dust buildup on the vents of Xbox is frequently the cause of overheating. As a result, be careful to maintain your game console on a regular basis so that the fan can effectively exhaust warm air outside and keep the console cool.
  • You can turn on your air conditioning while playing a game in the summer to cool down the console.
  • Playing high-fps games on your gaming console at irregular intervals is advised. If you are unable to take a break, invest in an Xbox external cooling fan.
  • Avoid setting up your Xbox on a carpet or rug with long fibers, as these materials frequently prevent appropriate airflow through the system.

Verify that the voltage is correct.

You must ensure that the Xbox Series X is receiving the proper power if you don’t want it to shut off by itself. Your gaming console may occasionally have voltage delivery issues when connected to an extension cord or surge protector. Always attempt to directly connect the Xbox Series X to the power outlet to resolve this problem.

Additionally, choose an automated voltage regulator if your area’s power is prone to fluctuations to guarantee that the console receives steady, uninterrupted power.

Turn off automated lighting.

You can have set the gaming system to shut down automatically after a certain amount of time if it randomly shuts off, to turn off this selection:

  • On the top of the controller, press the Xbox button.
  • Choose “Profile & System” from the final tab on the right side of the screen.
  • From the left menu bar, choose “Settings,” then “General.”
  • The Xbox Series X power settings can be accessed by choosing “Power mode & Startup.”
  • Make sure the “Don’t turn off automatically” option is ticked as you travel to the “Turn off after” option.

Play a game for a while on your console next to see whether the problem still exists.

The Xbox Series X update

Intermittent cutoff issues with the Xbox series X can frequently be brought on by software errors. Your game system can be updated to resolve this problem. How to do it:

  • Ensure that the internet is accessible from your game console.
  • Select “Profile & System” by pressing the Xbox button on the controller’s top.
  • Next, pick “System” from “Settings.”
  • To download and install the most recent update, click “Updates” right now.

If there aren’t any updates shown, your console is already up to date. To solve your problem, you must therefore attempt some of the other solutions in this manual.

Your console has been factory reset

To resolve the current problem, you can restore your Xbox Series X to its factory default settings. For this:

  • Select “Profile & System” by finding the Xbox button on the top of your controller.
  • Next, choose “System” from the “Setting” menu.
  • Select “Reset Console” after choosing “Console details” now.
  • Last but not least, choose “Reset” to delete everything.

After performing the reset, power cycle your Xbox and launch a next-generation game to check if the problem with the system going off is fixed.

Check the gaming equipment

It’s possible that the hardware in your Xbox Series X is broken and occasionally prompting it to shut off on its own. You can get the Xbox fixed by contacting the vendor if your device is still covered under warranty. For access to the Xbox service and to view the status of your warranty, you must be logged in.

You’ll be charged for the repair if your Xbox Series X is no longer covered by warranty. However, for a small cost, you might be qualified for out-of-warranty service. To take advantage of this extra benefit, it is wise to register your console after buying it.