Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

By | January 27, 2019

Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

A profile (100gb) on my lower easier said than done drive will not begin when try…
Ok, if your data is not important for you, you can use the hard drive to format. However, this will connote that you lose data, so only try this if the data really is not central to you.Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

A Question About Dvd Decrypter?

Recently my hard drive on my hp pavilion burned up, so I ordered a new one and then go to my yahoo mail and put the DVD software on the new one. Now my DVDs do not burn and at the bottom of my decrypter, it says device unawares medium…

A Recent Employment Application Requested E-mail With AIM Screen Name….
Job application requesting aim screen name, and I do not use AOL, I am a yahoo person. Is IMing compatible? Or do I obligation a screen name and account specific to respectively, one for AOL, one for yahoo.etc. IM means instant messaging….

A Remote Won’t Work And Then I Got A Remote But That Doesn’t Work….
I have a Sylvania tv 13″ and I got it about 4 or 5 years ago and very soon no remote will work with my tv what should I do Most probably, the reason why the remote you bought…

A rival company’s trellis site is complex up the go through engine ranking,…
There could be many reasons for this. Perhaps they update their site more often? Maybe they hold more inbound links? Could simply be their content is better and more relevant. Learn by example. Spend time on their site to see…

A Small Area Won’t Clear On My Screen, What To Do?

Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019When closing out of a website or page a small center section will not totally clear and a portion of the previous page stays visible in the way of the trial page. How do I fix it or remove it? You probably need…

A Technician has Determined that a Computer Is a Failing To Boot Because…
The first thing is to see if you feel the fan on the Power Supply component is turning when the computer is on. If not then replace the supply unit. The second thing is too friendly the computer case and sees it…

A Technician Wants To Set Up A Network For Seven Users That Allows…
This type of network is called LAN (Local Area Network) Take a hub and wire craft one system to server install here IP address. Then connect all PC with the hub. If it asks the authentication you may of the window…

A Two-way Speaker Typically Uses What Type Of Speaker?

1) tweeter and woofer2) tweeter and subwoofer A Two-way Speaker Typically Uses Tweeter and Subwoofer. Don’t buy Zuhail’s answer. I was a sound-reinforcement engineer for 15 years of my early craft. A two-way speaker system separates lows and highs, with time delay compensation, namely: …

A User Is Having Trouble Accessing The Internet. A Network Administrator…
Once you can disable network connections and try. Otherwise, test to another system it’s pining or not. You can see both are the same series may be.

Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

A Virus Wiped Out My Sound Card And Driver How Can I Fix It For Free…
A virus wiped out my sound card Reinstall the sound card driver. ( it should sort out the problem) if it’s not hardware mistake. Do you know your sound card details? Or it would be difficult to…

A(n) Type ___ Error Occurs When You Fail To Reject The Null Hypothesis…
Type ll Just answer 2 or two

About Email: What Danger Has Involved In Opening An Email Or An Attachment?…
It’s the attachments that can conceal viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, etc. Your security software might be equipped to fend off millions of virus that have infected people in the previous days, but when you ambush a new virus, the chances…

Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

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About I Lost The Remote In The Move, I Bought A Universal Remote And…
About I Lost The Remote In The Move, I Bought A Universal Remote And Can’t Find The Code For My Orion VCR Model # VR0211A, Can You Help? If you have lost the remote and you purchased a new universal…

About Securities In My Pc?

I have got an internet connection, what are the securities should I do to keep hold of my pc(windows XP) run safely on browsing? U should enable ur firewall setting and downloading good anti-virus software. First, you should install a good antivirus or anti-spyware removal tools contained…

Ac97 Realtek Audio Driver. What’s Wrong?

I just recently purchased an audio driver kit that is supposed to help fix my sound on my computer although that has but to happen. I really need some help asap! Do you own the right CD with for your audio device? If not, you can try free…Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

AC97-Soundman Error-(can’t Find Wave Volume Controle)
When trying to auto-detect jack setup I get that error This error usually means that either the nouns of your sound card with your CPU is not properly or the sound card itself is given up the ghost. Get it checked and replace or repair accordingly.

Accidentally Took Of Microsoft Home And Student How Do I Get It Back…
Reinstall it off the Disk. If you do not have the disk and do have the product switch, just download it and insert the product key. If you do not have the product switch, you are out of luck. I then… Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

According To Technology Used What Are The Types Of Computers?

Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019IBM which is known as a PC’s which runs Windows Applications (and Linux) or Apple Macintosh platforms. Only too types.

According To You. How Will The New a Paradigm Of Internet Apply To The…
So, how can we share the contents freely on the web and still make a living out of it? According to you, how will the new a paradigm of internet apply to the cultural industries? I remember contained by the 1980s when you could…Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019 Play Quiz

Accountcare? I Want To Cancel Accountcare
From what I’ve heard and read, Sears is not going to be very helpful. The best belief is to pay off your card. Send a letter near the last payment, or better yet point up mark across the bill. Cancel my card!

ACER Extensa 2303LC Is Not Turning On, What To Do?

Hey, My ACER Extensa 2303LC is not turning on at all, no lights, no power, even when a working power cord and battery are plugged (my wife and I brought 2 of them) and I have tested adjectives power paraphernalia in it. There are no. Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019

Action Replay For The DS?

Hey. I am deciding whether or not to buy action replay for my DS, mostly for Pokémon Pearl. Can anyone tell me whether you hold to pay for the codes for different games separately? Or do they get downloaded or something with the software included? Thanks. No. All the…

Active Directory users and computers are one of the services contained by Windows… Technology General Knowledge Prevent Social Networking Accounts from Being Hacked

Active Directory users & computer is the services used in the windows 2003 it is used for the Creation of the Users, Organisational Unit, Distribution lists, Distribution Groups, User Groups etc to receive the administration easy & simple to use. If…

Add music to my computer?

Well this one is simple, all you have to do is go to the required site and scour the song you want, then with your mouse right click it and on the options you’ll see gather target, click on that and your song will download….

Advantage Of Multiple Bus Structure Over Single Bus Structure?

More people riding capability which would mean a reduced amount of buses would have to run and it would save gas.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Binary Code?

Binary is the simple think form of data representation; ‘1′ or ‘0′ (’yes’ or ‘no’). It is simple to understand without any embryonic status. It is a beautiful “language” and it helps to transmit data contained by a clear state. The disadvantage is a length its need to communicate. To…

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Advantages Gained If Backing Storage Media Are Replaced By Devices… Technology General Knowledge Questions and Answers 2019
Advantages? No moving parts – nothing to break if dropped or otherwise mishandled. Much longer data retention. But then you can still stomp it. Why isn’t it done? – Only lately have non-volatile storage systems reached the capacity and price point making them replacements…

Advise Me On The Best Type Of Flash Drive To Buy?

I need advise on the best type of flash to buy of about 1 to 2 GB size and can undergo a lot of reads & write operation without degrading and also guarantee my document’s safekeeping. It’s the Kingston that is available…

After 12th Along With Bcom Which Is The Best Computer Course?

I have passed 12th this year I want to do a computer course along with correspondence course pl suggest…Geeta Derawal Delhi Computer Science.



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