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Tinder keeps logging me out: 6 Easy Steps To Stay Connected

If Tinder continues to log you out, it could be a technical issue on the server, which is interfering with the sign-in function of the application.

Have you updated your Tinder application in your smartphone? If not then an old version could be the reason Tinder shut down by itself.

If you are the first to sign up for the dating app online when you first sign up, you will be asked to verify your account details. If you fail to perform this, you could encounter issues when you try to stay registered on the application.

This is a simple guide to help you understand the reason why Tinder is logging you out. We give you easy steps to follow to fix this issue to allow you to stay active on your profile on dating without missing any of your recent matches.

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What’s wrong with me? Why am I constantly locked out of Tinder?

Tinder will continue to log users out of its servers when it encounters problems. The Tinder database may be completely down due to maintenance, or a technical issue, or specific feature in the app is malfunctioning and that’s why the app is constantly logging you out.

Other causes for this account issue could be due to:

1. Insufficient memory

Tinder can fail to function properly, recording you out if Tinder isn’t able to allocate enough memory.

This could happen in the event that you have multiple applications open at the same time , and you need access to the account on Tinder. Tinder account.

2. Cache Files Issue

Cache files are saved on your device each when you launch Tinder. This improves the speed of loading and performance.

In time the files may become corrupt, which could be the reason Tinder will continue to log you out.

3. Tinder app is outdated Tinder app

Tinder often releases updates to its application to take care of any problems that may arise in the latest version, and to improve the features and functionality of the app.

If you do not make sure to update Tinder on your smartphone, the application may experience issues when trying to connect to Tinder’s server. Tinder server.

4. Account details not verified

When you sign up for the first time to join Tinder it is necessary to confirm your account details. This could comprise your cell phone as well as your email address.

If you don’t follow the following step Tinder might keep you logged out till your profile is examined.

5. The account you are using has been blocked

Tinder will remove you of your account in the event that your account is not in compliance with guidelines of the community. You will get a message on behalf of Tinder when you attempt to login.

6. Profile is being reviewed

Tinder will continue to log you out when your account is being reviewed.

This happens if many users have reported your profile in the past, and Tinder is currently going through it.

7. Poor internet connection

Tinder requires internet connectivity for you to log into your account. If your connection is not stable or weak sufficient, Tinder is unable to log you in as it can’t establish a secure connection with its server.

How do I fix Tinder is logging me out of Tinder

Find out the status of Tinder’s servers to verify whether this is the cause for why Tinder is logging you out. If it says the application is down because of technical or maintenance issues or technical issues, you will not be able fix the issue yourself. Wait until the issue is resolved by Tinder.

When the Tinder server is working properly You can fix your device using these easy ways;

1. Other running apps that are close by

Get rid of any other apps which are being run in background on your phone. This will clear memory so that Tinder can complete the required requests to sign you in to your account.

Tips: Restart your device to ensure you have a fresh memory.

2. Clear cache files

Clear Tinder’s caches to increase the efficiency of the application and stop it from locking you out by corrupting files.

How do I clean Tinder cache Android

Settings > Application Manager > Manage Apps > Tinder > Clear Data > Clear Cache

How do I remove Tinder cache from iPhone

There is no way to delete the cache on your iPhone. It is necessary to remove the app on your device before you can finish this step.

A uninstall and restart of the application on your device could assist in stopping Tinder from blocking you out.

3. Update Tinder

Upgrade your Tinder app to enhance its performance and also remove any damaged files that could cause the online dating site to continue to log you out.

Start your app store, and search for Tinder. If there is an Update button is present click it and wait for the download to occur.

After it’s done Once it is done, start Tinder to sign-in.

4. Verify your details

If you haven’t already verified your Tinder account’s details. This could take either an text message or an email depending on the method you’ve chosen.

(Did you know that smiling in your pictures on your Tinder profile can make you more attractive to matches. Tinder profiles with pictures of them smile have 14 percent more chance of being matched with one of them. ).

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5. Refresh the connection to the internet

Make sure to refresh your networks to enhance connections to the provider of your internet.

It is possible to do this by performing the “Power Reset’ on your wifi router. Unplug the router for at minimum 2 minutes prior to plugging it back into.

Once your internet is reconnected then relaunch Tinder and log into.

Be sure to make sure you are checking your internet speed to ensure you have sufficient bandwidth

What do you know when you have a user who has logged in to your Tinder?

You can tell if you have a person logged into your Tinder account when you’ve had an email verification code you didn’t request. This is why you should verify your account information by using your mobile account number, or email according to the information you’ve chosen to connect to your profile.

If someone has attempted to log into your account but was unsuccessful, they will not be allowed to login successfully without the password that has been transmitted via your phone.

Another method by which you’ll be able tell the difference if your Tinder profile is compromised is when you observe an activity that is not yours and has not been acted upon.

If you sign in on your Tinder account using the login details of your Facebook login credentials You’ll need to change your Facebook password.

It is recommended to change your password after this happens to ensure that your account remains safe.

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If I sign out of Tinder will you lose all my Tinder messages?

You won’t lose your messages when you exit Tinder. If you exit the app, what you’re doing is “signing” out, so that you don’t receive notifications (if you’ve turned this off) from your phone. The Tinder profile will be active and other Tinder users can still find your profile.

Although you’ve logged out of Tinder the location of your profile will remain the same at the place you last logged into your profile.

Your Tinder account will not go disappear once you’ve signed out. Your current chats will remain active, with your messages accessible the next time you log into.

If you wish to have your profile deleted You will have to remove your personal Tinder profile. This can be done through the settings page of Tinder.

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This simple guide will help you we hope that you know why Tinder does not allow you to log out and that you were successful in resolving this problem on your device using one of the simple solutions that we have provided.

If Tinder continues to block the user out of Tinder, we suggest to contact Tinder directly and ask them to look deeper into the issue.

You can make a request to reach out to one of their customer service members.


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