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Tinder keeps logging me out: 6 Easy Steps To Stay Connected

If Tinder continues to log users out, there could be a problem with the server, which is interfering with the sign-in option of the application.

Have you recently upgraded your Tinder application for your phone? If not it could be the reason Tinder shut down by itself.

If you are the first to sign up on the dating site when you first sign up, you will be asked to verify your account details. If you fail to complete this step, you may encounter issues when you try to stay registered on the application.

This is a simple guide to help you understand the reason why Tinder has you logged out. We offer simple steps to follow to correct this error to ensure you are active on your profile on Tinder as well as not lose any new matches.

What’s wrong with me? Why am I constantly locked out of Tinder?

Tinder will continue to log users out of its servers in the event of problems. The Tinder database may be completely down due to maintenance, or a technical issue, or specific feature in the application is malfunctioning and that’s why the app is constantly logging you out.

Other causes for this issue may be due to

1. Insufficient memory

Tinder can fail to function properly, recording you out if Tinder doesn’t have enough memory.

This is a possibility when you have several different apps open at the time , and you need to connect to the account on Tinder. Tinder account.

2. Cache Files Issue

Cache files are saved on your device each time you open Tinder. This improves the app’s loading time and performance.

In time these files could get corrupted, which is the reason Tinder is logging you out.

3. Tinder app is outdated Tinder app

Tinder is known to regularly release updates to its application to take care of any problems that may arise in the latest version, as well as to enhance the features and functionality of the app.

If you do not upgrade Tinder on your mobile device, the application could begin to encounter difficulties when trying to connect to Tinder’s server. Tinder server.

4. Account details not verified

When you sign up for the first time to join Tinder it is necessary to confirm your account information. This could include your phone number, as well as your your email address.

If you don’t follow that step correctly, Tinder will keep your account logged until it is verified.

5. Accounts on your account have been suspended

Tinder will block you of your account if you believe your account is in violation of community rules. You will get a message on behalf of Tinder when you try to login.

6. Profile is currently being reviewed

Tinder will continue to log you out of your account if it is being reviewed.

This happens if many other users have contacted your profile and Tinder is currently going through it.

7. Poor internet connection

Tinder requires internet connectivity to allow you to log into your account. If your connection is not stable or isn’t strong enough Tinder is unable to log you in as it can’t connect securely to its server.

How do I fix Tinder is logging me out of Tinder

Find out the status of Tinder’s servers to determine that this is the reason the reason Tinder continues to log you out. If the app says it is not working due to technical or maintenance issues, you will not be able to solve this issue on your own. Wait until the error is resolved by Tinder.

In the event that your Tinder server is operational You can fix your device by using these easy techniques;

1. Other running apps that are close by

Stop other applications which are being run in background on your phone. This will free up memory , so Tinder can handle the necessary requests needed to sign you in to your account.

Tips: Restart your device so that you’ve refreshed your memory.

2. Clear cache files

Clean out Tinder’s cache to increase the efficiency of the application and stop it from locking you out by corrupting files.

How do I remove Tinder cache Android

Settings > Application Manager > Manage Apps > Tinder > Clear Data > Clear Cache

How do you remove Tinder cache from iPhone

There is no way to delete the cache on your iPhone. It is necessary to remove the application from your device before you can finish this