Top 6 Ways to Write Quality Blog Post-For New Bloggers

By | December 26, 2018

Top 6 Ways to Write Quality Blog Post-For New Bloggers

Top 6 Ways to Write Quality Blog Post-For New BloggersNew Bloggers Always Notice That how pro blogger write any Quality Blog Post fastly or share any information about technology very fastly. I was also on same thinking on which you are now.

You can also write any Quality Blog Post easily and fastly by just using these simple tips in your own writing.

I was also thinking about to write on this topic to help new bloggers in this blogging world.

You just have to apply these new tips in your writing times and you will also get success in this world.

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Now walk to some tips of writing Quality Blog Post Quickly. So, Today I decided to write this post for my readership.

6 Ways of Blogging

1. Select That Title Which is induced in Click/Keywords:-

Usually, New Bloggers Choose that title which is indulged in there post but that Title is not Search Engine Friendly. You Should Have To choose that title which is a popular keyword.

If you choose a popular keyword in your title you will definitely get clicks on your post.
I Am highly recommended you to choose that Title which is a popular keyword.

Here are some Examples of some title keyword which is rich in the popular keyword and get a click

  • 10 Simple Ways to
  • 7 Effective Tips for
  • How to
  • 5 Quick Ways to
  • Top 20 Ways to
  • 15 Ways to
  • Top 6 Ways

This Above given are some popular keywords which are nowadays used by most Blogger.
For Example, Read this Title of Post.

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2. Gather Some Information Make There Points:-

Now, You have selected a Good Title After this you have to write an article which is so informative for a successful post, but for doing so, you have to gather some information about the topic which you have chosen.

For Gathering information, Try Google Search For any article which you have to think about to write on.

For Example:- Your points should like this “Use any firewall”, “Use any Antivirus”, “Daily Update Your Operating System “, ”Daily update your Antivirus”.
Like This You can do, You Have to just write 5-8 points on any topic in an article.
That will be enough for your successful Article.

3. Define Every point With Some Paragraph’s:-

Now, You have already written down some points, Now you have to write a paragraph in the description of that points which selected earlier. Select Them One by one write down some information about that points.

For Examples:- If you have written some points “Use any Antivirus” in the description of this you can write is “An Antivirus program is a type of software which protects us from Vulnerabilities, Viruses & it tells us that which program which is good or bad. but you have to update it daily because by updating daily your antivirus gets inform of new vulnerabilities.”

4. Using Flash Media Is Bad:-

Using Flash Media Is Attractive but slows down the speed of your blog. So Use it when its need is so Important. But Don’t Use it in excess it will be bad SEO Practices.

5. Article Which Is Without Mistakes:-

Check Your Article minimum 10 times for any spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes to avoid bad rankings. Without Mistakes and Grammatical Mistakes Written article will be rank better than higher. So, Avoid Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Mistakes.

6. Change Address of Your Post:-

The Address of your article must contain only the main keywords likewise which you have chosen in your title.
For Example:- The Permalink of this article is “”. Which is only contains some special keywords? So Choose Your Article Address carefully.

So, In The last, I recommend you that by using the above points in your writing times. you will definitely be a Pro-Blogger and you can also write any post Quickly.



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