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Top 30 – Best Clicker Games To Play in 2020 [Android and iOS]

Before we go into the topic for getting all the best clicker games that can be played in the year 2020. Let us know, what clicker games are actually. Clicker games are the games, that requires player touch or command through sensation of our touch. In simple words, all the actions that are done in the game, are done through touch of finger. One of the best example of clicker game is Clash of Clans. This epic game have been played by millions of user all over world.

Clash of Clans - Best clicker games

Everyone know about this game called Clash of Clans, which is one of the greatest game of all times, until the hacks and other stuffs made it less interesting as the time passed by. You can still download Clash of Clans by clicking here.

Clash of Clans Download Link

Now, let us proceed to our main topic and list down the top best clicker games that can be played in 2020.

Best Clicker Games in 2020

  1. Adventure Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is a free-to-play incremental video game developed and published by Hyper Hippo Productions. It was first released for browsers and Android in 2014, for iOS (published by Kongregate), Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux in 2015, and for PlayStation 4 in 2016. AdVenture Capitalist allows players to live like a capitalist and invest funds into certain products to generate revenue, by starting out with a single lemonade stand. The more revenue generated, the higher the player’s cash is. A player can receive an angel bonus when resetting their progress, which provides a boost in all products’ revenue for the next progress timeline. New areas of business have been added since the game’s release, allowing the purchase of property on the Moon and Mars. A spin-off, AdVenture Communist, was released on Steam as early access on August 10, 2016, with the completed game being released on iOS and Android on November 16, 2017.

Advernture Capitalist - Best Clicker game

Game play of Adventure Capitalist

There are three areas: Earth, Moon, and Mars. The player starts out on Earth with a single investment: a lemonade stand. Tapping it rewards money over time. When enough money is earned, more stands can be bought. Saving up allows the purchase of different investments at the cost of more time until payout. Once managers are hired for investments, they will run automatically, allowing successful idle play, even when offline. Upgrades can be bought to add multipliers to any investment.

When the player reaches 1 trillion dollars on Earth, they can start investing in a new area. Once invested in, an area will unlock in 72 hours, but the process can be sped up using video advertisements, angel investors/mega bucks, or gold. Gold can be bought via in-app purchase with real money and can be used for purposes such as gaining angel investors without resetting, instantly earning money for a day’s worth of idling, and more. Mega Bucks are bought starting at 1 decillion of an area’s currency, and their price is multiplied upon purchase by a fixed increment (the game describes this as inflation). When the player has 10 Mega Bucks, they can purchase a golden ticket, which when used on a single investment boosts its profits permanently by ×7.77. After one has boosted a whole planet, they will gain an additional ×10 boost, which adds (not multiplies) to a ×17.77 multiplier. This multiplier can be upgraded further using Mega Bucks.

Since October 2015, players can also play a limited-time special event, usually around holidays and other annual events, such as Halloween or Black Friday. They occur once per month for several days. These events are themed like the three areas, having their own set of businesses and upgrades, but are only available during that their event. If a player reaches at least one of the objectives of that event, they will get a badge shown in the Swag & Stats page. As the player progresses in some events, they may acquire free gold or Mega Bucks based on unlocks, even a special badge that provides investment specific boosts when equipped. The events recycle, so if a player has missed a passed event, they will have a second opportunity to complete the tasks. Generally, these events last anywhere from three days to a week.

Since The Love Of Money update, the ‘Swag & Stats’ section was renamed ‘Career’, along with the option for the player to make their character female.

Adventure Capitalist Download Link

2. Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is an idle game developed by American indie studio Playsaurus, originally released in 2014 for browsers and for mobile devices in 2015. It is a spinoff of Playsaurus’s earlier Cloudstone, using many graphics from that game.

Clicker Heroes is free-to-play, with micro-transactions to buy a premium “rubies” currency. Micro-transactions are not required to progress through the game; they were added some time into the game’s life, and there are multiple gameplay mechanics centered around getting the premium currency in-game.

Clicker Heroes - Best Clicker Games

Game play of Clicker Heroes

In Clicker Heroes, the player clicks on the enemy on the right of the screen to damage it and eventually kill it. Once killed, it will drop gold (which can change depending on the level the player is at and if the enemy is a basic enemy or a boss) which can be used to upgrade and purchase characters. The game is similar to Cookie Clicker in the sense that, once the characters are unlocked they will do the player’s job for them and increase the total damage per second the player does. The game runs without the player needing to do anything.

The goal is to obtain a currency called “hero souls”, which is used to buy powerful heroes called Ancients and gives 10% damage bonus. and also to sacrifice hero souls into ancient souls, which are fed to super-ancients called outsiders to give even more powerful bonuses. Every fifth and tenth zone (level) is a boss zone. Starting from zone 100, bosses have an initial 25% chance to be primal, which means they drop hero souls once killed. Every hundredth zone up to zone 1000 has a guaranteed primal boss, which is also a unique monster not encountered elsewhere. Additionally, for every 2000 hero levels (total), the player will receive one hero soul. The collected hero souls are not immediately available. The player must buy the hero Amenhotep and buy his ability called ‘Ascension’. Using this ability will cause the player to ‘ascend’, which resets the game and makes the previously collected hero souls available to be spent on Ancients. Ancients are permanent within a Transcendence, meaning that even though the player has to hire and level all the regular heroes again, the Ancients with their powerful bonuses will remain. So every time the player ascends and buys Ancients the game will be a bit easier, meaning the player can reach a higher level before having to ascend again. Later in the game, the player can even “Transcend”, resetting the world similarly to an Ascension. However, with a Transcension, even hero souls and ancients are reset to zero. A Transcension gives Ancient Souls, referring to the Ancients that are reset with a Transcension. Ancient Souls can be used to access Outsiders which can amplify the Ancients’ power greatly.

Clicker Heroes Download Link

3. Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an incremental game created by French programmer Julien “Orteil” Thiennot in 2013. The user initially clicks on a big cookie on the screen, earning a single cookie per click. They can then spend cookies on purchasing assets such as “cursors” and “buildings”, which will automatically produce cookies. Upgrades can improve the efficiency of clicks and buildings, and other mechanics lead to many other ways in which the user can earn cookies. Though the game has no ending, it has hundreds of achievements, and users may aim to reach milestone numbers of cookies.

The game is one of the first and most important in the genre of incremental games and has a dedicated fanbase. Though the first version was coded in one night, Cookie Clicker is regularly updated. It has been widely described as addictive, and it has been noted that the game almost does not require a human to play it.

Cookie Clicker - Best Clicker Game

Game play of Cookie Clicker

At first, the player clicks on the large cookie on the far left side of the screen to earn one cookie per click. With these cookies, the player can purchase new assets such as cursors, grandmas, and farms, that automatically make cookies. Upgrades can be purchased to increase the cookies gathered from buildings or clicks. Golden cookies, smaller cookies that appear and fade away over several seconds, appear periodically and grant bonus cookies or increase the rate of production for a short time.

After earning a certain amount of cookies, the player can restart the game to earn heavenly chips and prestige, which will add a permanent boost to the rate of cookie production in future playthroughs. Other mechanics such as prestige upgrades (unlocked with heavenly chips), “wrinklers”, the Cookie Dragon, minigames, and sugar lumps can be used to boost cookie production or generate more cookies in other ways (such as when the game is closed). Achievements can be earned by completing various tasks, such as producing certain numbers of total cookies or owning a particular number of a building. Additionally, seasonal events occur along with their respective holiday. With the seasonal events come more upgrades and cookies to unlock.

The game features geometric growth – the player begins baking handfuls of cookies, but can quickly reach billions of cookies, and eventually attain duodecillions of cookies or beyond. The game has no end.

Because of the game’s relatively simple code, cheats and add-ons are widely available and simply implemented by using browser consoles and bookmarklets.

Cookie Clicker Download Link

4. Egg, Inc.

Egg, Inc is an idle clicker game developed and published Auxbrain Inc on Android and iOS devices. It is about a future in which eggs unlock the secrets of the universe. The player’s goal in the game is to make the most profitable egg farm.

Egg, Inc. - Best Clicker Games

Game Play of Egg, Inc.

The gameplay consists of a red button that can switch sizes and has a chicken on it. When the button is pressed, chickens are released and therefore, money is made from their eggs that they produce. This money can be used to further upgrade the egg farm by doing lab research which increases the value of the eggs, the speed that they are produced, and the size of the player’s distribution fleet. To increase the profitability of the farm, the player can construct bigger spaces (called hen houses) to house more chickens, buy bigger trucks to transport more eggs and more grain silos to allow the farm to run by itself for longer periods of time. There is also epic research which is purchased with golden eggs and is permanent (does not reset when the player upgrades their egg or prestige). This includes decreasing the price of buildings and research and increasing the size of the hatchery. Egg, Inc also allows the player to earn currency by watching advertisement videos. Every few minutes, a white truck will come by and drop off a package containing money (the value of which is scaled up as the farm value increases). When the player’s farm has higher income, and the production rate is higher, the player can upgrade to a different egg, restarting, but with each egg selling for a higher base price. Later egg types, trucks, and hen houses are themed as being futuristic.

There are also drones which when clicked on will give the player cash. Sometimes, the player may get a few golden eggs instead. Golden eggs are the premium currency; while they can be earned while playing, they can also be bought with real money, and they do not reset when upgrading the egg type or starting over. With the aforementioned currency, the player either buy temporary power-ups, like unlimited chickens when you tap for 30 seconds or double revenue for 2 hours, or can get epic research, which is used to upgrade other aspects, such as the chance of getting a rare drone, or increasing the amount of time for double revenue. When the player’s farm reaches a certain value based on the egg, the player can upgrade the type of egg their farm sells to one with greater value and start over.

There is also an option to “prestige”. This sends the player back to the first egg, losing all cash, but keeping golden eggs and epic research. However, when the player prestiges, the player earns soul eggs which each give the player a % increase in their farm’s earnings.

Egg, Inc. Download Link

5. Money Tree – Idle Tap Clicker

Tree Tap – Money Idle Clicker is an idle game in which you can generate money just by clicking a tree! Use the money that you earn to buy upgrades. These will help you to increase the money that you earn per second. Finish the mission by opening up the scroll on the left to get a prize.

Occasionally, events trigger and you need to make decisions: you can receive big rewards by making the right decisions! Once you have 50 idle gold per second you can unlock a special shop, and once you have 100 idle gold per second you can unlock a weapon shop.

This is a thrilling idle game and deserves to be number one on the best idle games for Android and iOS that you can play on the phone as it is available on your computer and as an Android app.

Money Tree - Best Clicker Games

This is one of the addicting games that don t need wifi! It is an offline game!
It is a game for boys, for girls, for kids and adults aswell indeed!
So it is for everyone and the free game is free to download!
Money does grow on trees, so make it rain in this money clicker!

Features of this money tree clicker:

It is one of the idle clicker games with upgrades and autoclick!
It also is one of the idle clicker games with prestige! This means you can soft reset!
You can get idle miners in this clicker app, and therefore build your own money tree city!
Be the town builder of your own money tree city, consisting of money tree resorts, farms and the likes!

How to play:

Tap the money tree and make it rain money!
After you tapped it enough, buy upgrades and buildings, such as autoclicks, farms, and miners that produce while you yourself are idle!
Finally you can soft reset by ascending (in other games often called prestige) at some point to progress even faster and further!

In this idle clicker game you can earn money by tapping the money tree and later on by buying and selling buildings in this app!
This game is a so called incremental game, meaning you can play it very actively,
but you can also earn virtual money by idling and waiting for your buildings to produce more money.
These buildings for example are buildings such as the auto clicker and the idle miner, who tap and click the money trees for you and mine for you while you are idle respectively.

Money Tree Download Link

Thank you for reading this article on Best Idle Games that can be played in 2020. Follow us for more articles. We will be back with great list of games and technology articles that will amaze you and fill you with knowledge.

Till then, do not forget to read our article on – Best iOS emulator that you can use in 2020 and play all iOS clicker games on your computer using best emulator.

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