Top Recommended Tricks to Increase Traffic on your blog

By | January 8, 2019

Top Recommended Tricks to Increase Traffic on your blog

Hello Friends! Hope you are doing well. As we all know that A Unique visitor is God For a blogger. I have launched this blog at the end of 2018. Traffic is no more in this Blog. but when I have used these tricks on my blog then I see the change in traffic.

Early of my blogging, I was unknown to traffic tips. but now I know everything about traffic. how to increase it. what is its need? So without wasting your time, I am sharing some tips of increasing Traffic.

Top Recommended Tricks to Increase Traffic on your blogTop Recommended Tricks to Increase Traffic on your blog1. Blog Post Title Should be Creative

Heading of your article should be Good. because when the visitor visits your website A Creative Title will attract the visitor. Creative and a Good Title will increase your traffic by 60%. the first main thing is Title which the visitor has seen first. After that content, if your title is not good he will not read the content of your article.

So, Just Used that title in your article which looks eye catchy and Creative.

Here is a list of the title used by me in my last posts.

1. Top 6 Ways to Write Quality Blog Post-For New Bloggers
2. Getting Monetize a Blog without any Investment
3. Secrets of Getting Organic Traffic to your Blog
4. Secrets of Getting Indexed #1 in Search Rankings
5. Planning Before Building a Perfect Website or A Blog

This way is the best to attract any reader for a while. If your content will Good he will permanently visit your website.

Recommendation:- you should make Your title clearer to the visitor that why they should proceed to your content.

2. The keyword should be properly used in Title and Description

If you are just caring about creativity in the title then you are losing your Search Ranking. You should have to use keywords in Title. So, it will be more Google Friendly.

Proper arrangement of keyword also gets your Website Rank in Google. I have also Struggle about this.

So, These are Good ways. Just Have A look.

   ›  Place Your keyword in front. It should be in heading.
   ›  In Current, There is the limit in Title of your Website. It should be not more than 50-60. So, Make title SEO Friendly.
   ›  Mixed Form of Keywords can be used. For Example, It may be Synonyms, Related Words or Original Keywords. That’s we called LSI.

3. Write DEEP On Every Topic.

Writing also can attract readers and Change your Reader to a Daily Visitor. Write Some Deep Description on every topic. It Will get more Traffic and Unique Visitors.

By example, I am Explaining the meaning of this topic.
For Example – If You are writing on Topic Planning Before Building a Perfect Website or A Blog and Top 6 Ways to Write Quality Blog Post. you should explain all topics in brief instead of Just telling them to do these points.

A clearly explaining of every topic can attract any visitor and make them to your daily Visitors.

4.Social sharing

Share your all post on Every Social Website. It will get direct traffic to your website. Sharing on Every Social Networking Website is Highly Recommended because great traffic can be Generated from theirs. Because everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, Etc.


SO, This is the last but not the least. These are methods of getting higher traffic.
Do these with time to time. Get a higher result in this Competition World.
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Happy Blogging. Happy Earning.



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We also Working as Freelancer Writer, Seo Expert, Blogging Expert and Web Designing & Development, Etc.

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