Update Your Facebook Status With Diffrent Devices

By | January 16, 2019

Update Your Facebook Status With Diffrent Devices

How to Update Your Facebook Status With Diffrent DevicesHave you ever think to update status with other fake devices like via Android , via Facebook, via iPhone, via tablet, via iPhone 5s etc without using any device? sometimes you have seen your friend’s status updated with blackberry, via android etc.now you can share too like them but without using any devices.

Today I am going to share how to update your status without using any android or blackberry or iPhone but it will show that u have share your status with android or any other device. This Trick is simple u don’t have to do any other work to make status like this.

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just follow these simple steps which i am telling you.

How To Update Your Facebook Status With Diffrent Devices

Follow below Steps to make your status with blackberry, android, or any other

  1. Just Login To Your Facebook Account.
  2. Then goto fbstatusvia.
  3. Here you will see lots of devices to share your status via. To update any status from which you want to share.
  4. Now Popup will appear in front of you and again choose your apps here.
  5. Now, you can see your Post to Facebook option here via your devices (apps).
  6. Now Write Your Status and Click On share.
  7. That’s all. now YOu Have to Update Your status Via which Device u have chosen.
  8. Now You Can see Your status. NJOY 🙂

This Trick Is Very Helpful in updating status with your fake Devices.
enjoy friends with fake devices. Comment below if you Have Any problem.



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