How to Fix “VJoy Failed to Install error” in Windows 10

Following are the few reasons to get this error VJoy Failed to Install error-


  1. Corrupt Installation of Windows
  2. Corrupted vJoy
  3. Incorrect driver signature enforcement
  4. Updating Windows
  5. Updating the Application


In this piece of article, we will see in detail how to overcome the vJoy Failed to Install error in Windows 10.


Kindly follow any one of the below mentioned solutions in order to fix the error:


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Solution 1: Restart the Cryptographic Services


Cryptographic assistance is a fundamental help for the activity of VJoy. You may experience the blunder being talked about if the Cryptographic assistance is in a mistake state and isn’t available. With this, restarting the Cryptographic assistance may resolve the issue.


Restart the Cryptographic Services


Step 1. Open the Run Dialog box or press ‘Windows + R’.


Step 2. Type services.msc and click on OK button.


Step 3. In the Services window, we need to locate Cryptographic Services


Step 4. Now right-click on the Cryptographic Services and choose the Properties option.


Step 5. Now when the Properties window pops, we need to check whether the Startup Type is Automatic or not (if not, select the automatic option).


Step 6. Under the service status section, first click on the Stop button and then on the Start button.


Step 7. Lastly, click on Apply and OK button.


Step 8. Now you can try Installing the VJoy and verify if its working


Solution 2: Clean Boot Your System


Clean Boot Your System


Applications in a Windows environment may co-exist and share system resources. You may face the installation error if any other application is interfering with the operation of VJoy. In this context, clean booting your system (to remove 3rd party interference) may solve the problem.


  1. Clean boot your system.
  2. Then try to install the VJoy to check if the installation issue is resolved.
  3. If not, then restart your system.
  4. After restart, try to install the VJoy again but without all the combination applications and check if the VJoy is error-free.


Solution 3: Disable Driver Signature Enforcement


Disable Driver Signature Enforcement


To safeguard its user’s authentication, Microsoft has made it compulsory for the kernel-mode drivers to be digitally signed. We may encounter the error under discussion if the VJoy driver is not digitally signed by relevant signatures. Here, disabling the driver signature enforcement may solve the problem.


Cautious Note: Continue at your own risk as disabling the driver signature enforcement may expose your system to threats or your system may lag.


Follow the steps below-


  1. Open Settings window.
  2. Now click on Update & Security and then, in the left panel of the window, click on the option Recovery.
  3. Then click on Restart Now.
  4. After your system gets restart, click on the Troubleshoot.


Solution 4: Launch VJoy with Administrator Privileges


Launch VJoy with Administrator Privileges


Microsoft has improvised its security measures in the latest version of Windows by protecting the essential system files and resources through the implementation of UAC. You may experience the mistake being talked about if VJoy doesn’t have the necessary advantages to get to the fundamental framework assets. In this specific circumstance, dispatching the VJoy installer with authoritative advantages may take care of the issue.


  1. We need to Disconnect all the VJoy related hardware from our system. Also, make sure that no VJoy related process is running in the Task Manager.
  2. Now try to install the VJoy. If it doesn’t work, we can download the zip file format from the VJoy site.
  3. Then unzip the archive and copy its contents to the installation directory of the VJoy. Usually, it is:


C:\Program Files\vJoy


  • Then right-click on the vJoyInstall.exe file and then click on Run as Administrator to check if the installation issue is resolved.


Thank you for reading our article on ‘How to Fix “VJoy Failed to Install error” in Windows 10‘. Please comment below if you have any queries, we would love to help you.

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