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How to Watch Sky Sports on PS5 in 2022?

Do you love sports? Do you love gaming? What if you could watch sports in your favourite gaming console? We are going to teach you how you could watch Sky Sports on PS5 without any hassle. Let’s check the most interesting tutorial of this year 2022.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports
Sky Sports

Sky Sports is an amazing application that helps you watch Sports and other genre relating to it for free. The application has a wide range of options. You can enjoy watching Sky Sports all day long, and been a sports fan, we hope that’s what you would want, right? Things such as official sports news including transfers, purchases, team gossips, etc. All things can be found in Sky Sports. Interestingly you can now watch your favourite sports channel, aka, Sky Sports on Play Station 5 (PS5).

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How to get Sky Sports on PS5 for free in 2022?

Methods to Get Sky Sports on Your PS5

You can apply the below methods to get install and watch Sky Sports on your PS5 device

Method 1: Install Now TV on PS5 and to watch Sky Sports

Method 1 is to install Now TV on your PS5 Console to watch Sky Sports.

Step 1: Here, initiate to connect your PS5’s plug to your TV’s HDMI port, then fix up with internet source.

Step 2: Secondly, you should enter into the PS5 console’s media tab to intrude into the All apps tab.

PS5 console’s media tab
PS5 console’s media tab

Step 3: Proceed to search for the Now TV app on the search tab and initiate to download and install it.

Step 4: Then get back home and go to the Media tile. Then, select the Now TV app to get into it.