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In 1910, Fresno City College was set up to become a far-reaching learning network. This school has services that are innovative and instructive to meet the interests of various cultures. There is a wide variety of stable governments to enable understudies to meet their educational goals. Fresno City College is the first junior college in quite some time.

It has consistency, innovative and insightful initiatives that further promote the benefits of enhancing under-study achievement, deep-rooted learning, and the socio-economic, social, and social improvement of under-study and region. As instructive pionniers in the network, FCC employees, staff, and undergraduates will share in the training-surviving organization of transition.

Fresno City College is perceived below for a variety of reasons.

  • Hispanic-Serving Institution
  • National student organizations like Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • The largest nursing program in California
  • Leon S. Peters Honors Program
  • Transfer agreements to select the University of California and California State University campuses

Fresno City College has an online FCC advisor that can help understudies, staff and personnel explore grounds related data.

Steps involved for Webadvisor FCC

  1. To have the option to explore the web counselor, you would first be able to go to the Fresno City College site.
  2. At that point, you need to press the My Portal button.
  3. When you’re on the My Portal tab, look down and you’ll discover a College Counselor on the Student Connections page. 
  4. Snap the WebAdvisor connection and you will be taken to the WebAdvisor tab. 
  5. You need to sign in to the WebAdvisor by squeezing Log in the upper right corner of the rundown. You will be taken to the login tab.
  6. You need to type your username and mystery key there. Username is your 7-digit understudy ID number that is as often as possible used when you use Canvas and WiFi. 
  7. At that point, for the secret phrase, it is the primary name (capitalized) + the first last name (lower case) + the date of birth (mmddyy). It is additionally utilized when you access Canvas, email, and WiFi. In the wake of entering your username in the Username and Password territory, you should pick whether you are an understudy or a worker. 
  8. Presently, simply press the Login button. On the off chance that you are a worker, your username and secret word are equivalent to those used to enter your area email address. In case you don’t see your understudy ID, you should press “What is my understudy ID#?” “On the left 50% of the Webadvisor tab. 
  9. By then, you will be coordinated to the page where you should type your last name and SSN or College ID and thereafter press Send. You can likewise change your secret word by tapping on the “Change Password” page at the base right of the page. 

You may have some trouble endeavoring to sign in, regardless of whether it’s with your keys, your email, or others. Given that this is valid, you can contact the Student Systems Help Call Center via phone. You can moreover go to the District Online Help Center website.

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