What is sedsvc.exe? How to delete sedsvc.exe?

    Sedsvc.exe is an executable file. It is known as Windows Remediation Service. The file ‘sedsvc‘ belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System (Microsoft).

    People usually ask where does SedSvc.exe file is located in windows or their system? The answer is, SedSvc executable file is located in C drive. Exact path is ‘C:\program-files\’.

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    How to delete SedSvc.exe file?

    Step 1 : Locate REMPL folder

    You can locate SedSvc file in Rempl folder. It usually is located in C drive. The most expected path for rempl folder is ‘C:\program-files\‘.

    Step 2 : Search for SedSvc file

    Once you have located Rempl folder, now, search for SedSvc.exe file in the same folder.

    Step 3 : Delete the file permanently

    You can delete this SedSvc file permanently, or just rename it. So that, windows won’t process the executable file.

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