What is Speccy? How to Download Speccy – Step by Step

Speccy is an advance software that lets you know information about various hardware in your computer. It can analyze various parts like CPU, hard drives, GPU, RAM, etc… and provides every small detail that you need to know about that hardware part. This information even includes temperature of the part.

Various parts that Speccy can analyze in your device are:

  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • RAM (Including what RAM slots on your motherboard are being used)
  • Optical Drives
  • Graphics Cards
  • Hard Drives
  • Audio
  • Peripherals
  • Network
  • Access hardware sensors on various components and report their current temperature.

Speccy software was made by the software company Piriform which is know known as CCleaner.

Let us now move into the topic and learn How to download Speccy?

How to download Speccy on Windows?

1. Go to Piriform website

First visit the piriform website, and navigate to Speccy download page. Click here to download – Speccy.

What is Speccy and How to download

2. Select Suitable Download Option

As soon as you enter the Speccy download page. You will find that there are two different options available. Look at the below table to know paid or free Speccy features.

Speccy Download Type Free Paid
Advanced PC insights Yes Yes
Automatic updates No Yes
Premium support No Yes
Download Link Download Buy Now

Speccy Download Options

3. Install and Run

Final step after you have downloaded Speccy is to install it at any location on your Windows (OS drive I.e C is recommended). After installing, you can run the application to start using it.

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