What is the RCP components App on Android devices?

Have you ever thought that what is the significance of RCP components android devices? To understand the application of android RCP components, let us know that what is RCP components and why is it given in android devices?

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What is RCP components

RCP is a rich client platform and it is a collection of the lower level framework, most of the data processing crops up on the client-side. Android RCP components is basically a tool that helps in the development and integration of independent software components. It consists of an update manager, data binding, portable widget toolkit, standard bundling framework, lifecycle manager, text editors, file buffers, text handling, etc.

What is the RCP components App on Android devices?

The apps which have RCP components are portable to various operating systems that will enable apps to be launched on several other devices. Being a developer, you should make sure that your app must have RCP to make it compatible. This helps software developers in writing the software tools and creating applications. It is better to use those units that are already tested and ready in comparison to writing testing tools and other original codes. 

The integration of independent software modules is possible with just some simple mouse clicks as it allows to link texts, databases, graphical interfaces, using and launching the geolocation maps and the services. The compatibility of RCP applications can be increased by using a common API (Application Programming Interface). In simpler words, RCP components are of great use for developers. It eases the work of developers by providing a framework that helps in writing code and getting the work done easily.

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The applications that are built using RCP components are portable, hence RCP applications will be launched on the various devices. Android RCP components will help in the easy development and integration of apps that will be compatible with various devices.

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