What is yourphone.exe? How to disable yourphone.exe? Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with many in-built applications, which you may or may not be aware of.

What is yourphone.exe?

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One such application is ‘Your phone‘, the executive file of this application is known as ‘yourphone.exe‘. Your phone app is an assistance application that helps you in many various ways. To read more about yourphone.exe please visit Your Phone app help.

The yourphone.exe is not harmful. But it may surely be making your Windows 10 performance slow. To check if the your.exe application is running on your PC. Go to Start and type ‘Task Manager‘. Scroll down on ‘Background and process‘ and search for ‘YourPhone‘. If it is running, then continue with this article.

How to disable yourphone

Now, let us begin our article and learn ‘How to disable yourphone.exe‘.

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How to disable yourphone.exe

Step 1: Go to settings

Firstly, go to Start and type settings. Open the settings file.

How to disable yourphone

Step 2: Go to Privacy under Windows Settings

After ‘Windows settings‘ opens, you will find various options that you can opt for. Select ‘Privacy‘.

How to disable yourphone

Step 3: Background apps

After privacy settings have opened, on the left side menu, search for ‘Background apps‘ and click on it.

How to disable yourphone

Step 4: Disabling yourphone.exe

In the final step, after clicking ‘Background apps‘, you will find many application names appearing on the main Window. Scroll to the bottom of the list, you will find ‘Your phone’ application. Beside it, you will see a switch to ‘OFF’ it.

How to disable yourphone

Click on the switch to turn it OFF. This will disable ‘Your Phone’. You won’t find yourphone.exe in the Task manager anymore.

How to disable yourphone

You have successfully disabled yourphone.exe‘.

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