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Xbox One Flickering Black Screen: Fix Your Microsoft Display

Are trying to use an app that streams however the screen on your Xbox One has a flickering Black screen?

This Xbox One flickering screen problem is caused by various errors or improper settings for your console gaming system, like the resolution setting.

An update to your software, or a modification to your HDMI cable could to stop you Microsoft Gaming device showing an animated Black screen.

In this guide, you’ll receive all the tools to solve this issue so you can resume playing with your Xbox One without any further issues with the display.

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Why Does My Xbox One Keep Flickering?

It is possible that your Xbox One will keep flickering with a Black screen if your colour depth setting of your console is wrongly set. The colour depth setting is made within the settings for video output on the settings for your Xbox One. If it is set to an amount that isn’t compatible with the screen you are using the image will flash.

In addition to the wrong depth setting In addition, you Xbox One will incur a display glitch due to any of the following causes:

1. Reason. Xbox One HDMI Not Working

When the HDMI cable connecting your Xbox One to your TV is broken, this could result in a flickering Black screen.

A damaged port could prevent an HDMI cable from sending the necessary information required to show an accurate image.

Reason 2. Problem with Xbox One Update

If you’ve recently come across an update for your software that automatically completed by your device, you may have encountered issues during the downloading phase.

A failed download could result in corrupted files in the Xbox One console and cause problems such as the blinking Xbox Black screen of death.

3. Connected TV issue

The TV that you have connected to your Xbox One console to may have problems in its screen. It could be due to an issue with your hardware or a wrong image setting.

Your TV or Xbox One may have incurred an incompatibility issue. This can happen in the event of any software changes in one device or if your Xbox and TV’s operating system has gone out of whack.

Reason 4. Xbox One Resolution Not Supported

The resolution settings currently in the Xbox One may be set incorrectly. This could affect the quality of images projected on your TV screen.

It might be way too high to allow your TV’s capabilities this, and that’s why the Xbox One is experiencing a flickering screen.

How to fix a flickering Black Screen on Xbox One

You can prevent you Xbox One from showing a flickering Black screen by altering the color intensity setting to 12 or 10. The setting can be changed by going to the settings section of the Xbox One. Choose Display and Sound’ and then the ‘Video Output’. There you will be able select the colour Depth which you can change to 10.

In this article, we will outline the steps you have to follow to alter the colour depth. Settings > Display Video Output > Color Depth > 10.

Other options you have to resolve this issue Xbox One display glitch are the following:

1. Fix. Examine the Xbox HDMI cable.

It may be necessary to change the HDMI cable if it’s damaged or is not working properly.

Examine if you can determine if the HDMI is working by testing it with an alternative device (if it is possible to). Switch to a new port to ensure it’s not causing your flickering Black display on the console.

2. Xbox One Power Reset

If you go through an energy process on the Xbox One, it will remove any damaged files that might have been transferred to your console as a result of an unreliable update.

The corrupted software may also emerge through any program or application that you’ve installed on the Xbox One.

How do you perform an unplug to reset the power on Xbox One:

Step 1. Switch your Xbox One-off by pressing the Xbox button

Step 2. Remove the power cable of the console from its connector for at least ten seconds

Step 3. Return your Xbox One to its plug point , and switch it on.

Relaunch an app or game to determine if you’re experiencing your Xbox One Black screen intermittently.

Note that it was stated to Xbox One users that they were able to see flickering Black screen when trying to utilize any of the stream applications downloaded on the Xbox. Try using Netflix as well as any other streaming application you might already have.

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3. Fix. Check the connected TV

Make sure that the TV the Xbox One is connected to is properly configured and is compatible with your console.

Verify whether your TV has been updated to the latest operating system so that it is able to accept Xbox One. Xbox One.

The settings for your TV must also be set to a normal level to ensure that it functions efficiently.

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