Sponsored Guest Post

We accept sponsored guest posts on Technology topics. To get your article published on our Blog, it is important that you follow the below guest post submission guidelines. Articles that fail to comply with the below guidelines will not be published.

Article Length: Your article must be at least 500-800 words long.

Article Uniqueness: Your article must be 100% unique and non-plagiarized.

Article Grammar: All articles must be written in flawless English without any typographical errors.

Article Formatting: Articles must use H1 to H4 headings and proper paragraphs and formatting.

Informative Article: Your article must be informative and written by way of a guide and not a marketing spiel.

We accept Posts that are timely, accurate, original, and resonate with our audience.

One Backlink: Please only add one backlink to your target site. Do not add more than 1 backlink. Each additional backlink will be charged extra.

Interesting Topic: Choose an interesting and trending topic. We will not publish low-quality articles driven by your SEO keywords.

Custom Graphics or Stock Images: You must add quality images to your article.

How to pitch to us?

We love guest posts, but we do get a high volume of requests on a daily basis. As such, we prefer topic pitches over completed submissions so we can better track and more quickly respond to them. That being said, here are some best practices that will help us to respond to you faster and, if your topic is a go, get it published sooner.

  • Familiarize with our Blog. Read a few posts in full, and then do some skimming and exploring to get a feel for our tone and our basic format.
  • Come with ideas. We love it when you come to us with topic ideas or ideally, titles.
  • Check to see if we’ve published your topic already. If we’ve already published a similar post, consider whether you could write something more up-to-date, or approach it with a fresh angle or different perspective. The best way to see if we’ve covered your topic is to do a site search on Google.
  • Tell us about yourself. If you have a specific experience or expertise that makes you the person to write this post, tell us! Also, if you have existing writing samples or publications, please share a few! But not to worry if you don’t.

What to expect

Response time to your pitch

Once you’ve emailed your pitch, response time will vary depending on the current content calendar, but we do our best to respond in 1-2 days. If you haven’t received a response after a week, please do follow up!

Once we accept your pitch

Once we’ve reviewed your pitch, we’ll let you know whether we’ll consider a draft. If the draft meets our quality standards, you can expect the following:

  • Edits. Because the content we publish varies so significantly, our process for editing guest posts isn’t strictly defined. We do edit the content to ensure it matches as per our style guide. If we need anything on your end— a better quality image, a change to a section, or further elaboration on something, we’ll let you know. Depending on the level of edits needed, your post could get published anywhere from one day to one week. We will be in communication about that date so you can know when it’ll get published.
  • Exposure. Our Blog has been publishing Tech and How-to content for a long time and sees over a million unique viewers each month.

Ready to pitch?

Email us at [email protected] and please prepend your subject line with [GUEST POST].