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Best way to Jailbreak MXQ Android TV Box for free in 2022

In this article, You are going to learn about the Best way to Jailbreak MXQ Android TV Box for free

By jailbreaking your device, you may access prohibited content. By jailbreaking your smartphone, you can gain access to features that aren’t available on the stock version. Then you may add new customizations, third-party services, and other features. Remember to back up your data and use antivirus software on your device. Because jailbreaking your device allows you to install third-party services, which can put your device at risk of security threats.

Let’s continue to learn how to jailbreak MXQ TV Box. We all have electronic devices at our disposal. However, access to customization and other features on your device may be limited. People may believe that they will not be completed. But that isn’t the case.

Steps to Jailbreak MXQ Android TV Box

Any of the steps outlined here may be used to simply jailbreak your MXQ TV Box.

  • How to use the Downloader (with Play Store) to jailbreak the MXQ TV Box?
  • How can I use the Downloader program to jailbreak my MXQ TV Box without accessing the Play Store?
  • Is it possible to jailbreak the MXQ TV Box with the KingRoot apk?

Important – There are several procedures do before jailbreaking your MXQ TV Box to remove the limitations on your device and enable apps from unknown sources to be installed. The following are the actions that must be taken are mentioned below.

Go to Settings > Device Preferences > Security & restrictions > Unknown Sources > Chrome and just enable the toggle.

Jailbreak MXQ TV Box

[Method 1] Steps to Jailbreak the MXQ Android TV Box Using the App (With Play Store)

Step 1: After completing the required procedures, open the Play Store on your MXQ TV Box.

Step 2: Locate and install the Downloader software on the MXQ TV Box.

Step 3: On your MXQ TV Box, install the Downloader software and any third-party services.

That’s it! the process is successfully completed and your MXQ TV Box Using the downloader application (with play store)

[Method 2] Steps to Use the Downloader App to Jailbreak MXQ Android TV Box (Without Play Store)

Step 1 – Complete the essential procedures listed above, then open the Web browser on the MXQ TV Box.

Access the Chrome browser on your MXQ TV Box
Access the Chrome browser on your MXQ TV Box

Step 2 – In Chrome, add the Downloader URL to the address bar.