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How to Spy on Private Facebook Profiles

Spy on Private Facebook Profiles, How to Spy on Facebook to access private photographs, videos, likes, posts, and places visited on a Facebook profile.

If you’re not aware, Facebook has a serious weakness that allows anybody, even malicious persons, to bypass users’ privacy settings and simply spy on everything related to photographs, videos, posts, and much more.

Unfortunately, the same Zuckerberg-created social network provides users with a legitimate feature known as Facebook Graph Search (Search through Facebook connections). It was launched in 2013 as a genuine one semantic search engine, allowing you to cross-search users of locations, people, activities, and interests (including those you don’t know).

Graph Search is a wonderful tool for performing market research, getting to know your following, and understanding who your competitors are from a commercial aspect, particularly for those interested in marketing. However, like with everything, such technology may be used safely by spies or bad guys. Let’s have a look at how I may spy on my girlfriend or boyfriend on Facebook or even a private Facebook group.

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How to spy on Facebook