5 Best and Easy Ways On How To Run Bat File On Mac

If you are a new convert from Microsoft Windows to Mac, you may be wondering how to launch a bat file on a Mac. Although a bat file is a Windows script kind of file, it may be launched on a MAC by utilising command lines.

Bat files, you see, contain a sequence of commands that must be executed. So, if you’re having trouble launching your bat file on a Mac, read the entire post carefully.

In this post, you will learn what a bat file is, how to execute it on a MAC, and the methods, as well as the benefits and drawbacks.

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5 Practical Methods on How to Run Bat File on Mac

There are several methods for running bat files from the command line. I’ll go over each method one by one. But first, I’ll discuss modifying permissions to launch a bat file on a Mac.

Method 1: Change the File Name

To continue, type all of the instructions into a plain text document and save it with a name.

However, you must first change the permissions of your batch files so that they may be executed. Right-click on it to modify the permission.

Then, go to display info> and change the permission. That’s how you alter the permissions on a file.

Another method for changing permission is as follows. To begin, open the file’s terminal and run the command chmod 755 batch script. The permission will be altered.

Then, type the complete route.


Simply write “./” before the filename to instruct the terminal to look for it. After that, you should be able to discover your bat file operating on MAC.

Method 2: Rewrite the Terminal Path Name

If you get a bash error, you can attempt this method to resolve it.

In this scenario, navigate to the folder and enter:


Make sure you utilise proper punctuation. In another sense, you may type the complete path startup.sh and then verify the startup.sh execute permissions if it doesn’t work. After that, you may alter the permissions and use your file.

This is how to run a script on a Mac.

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Method-3: Run from the Terminal

I was talking about inputting anything to launch your bat files up until now. But now I’d like to show you the simplest solution.

It can only be used by dragging and dropping. As a result, you do not need to create a startup. sh, instead, you just drag it from the finder to the terminal window. Then hit the return key.


  • Launch the Terminal application on your Mac.
  • Enter sh /path/to/file.
  • And then hit enter to launch the file.

To cease operating, simply write or drag shutdown.sh from here.


  • Right-click on the.sh file and choose Properties.
  • Select ‘open with> Other’.
  • Open the terminal.app from the utilities folder. If the terminal does not open, update the’recommended’ application settings to ‘All’.
  • Now, click ‘open’ to open both the.sh and the.bat files.

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Method-5: Using Crossover for MAC

Start your Crossover for Mac if you have one.

If it isn’t already running, go to > Menu Bar > Programs> Run Commands> Then choose whatever you want to install > click explore > find your BAT file > click Run.

However, turning a bat file into a Bash Script file using Python language codes is another technique to run a bat file on a Mac.

So, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might not be able to accomplish it. Furthermore, you must have the Squishserver installed on your Mac.

What is a Run BAT File?

As you are aware, a bat file cannot be accessed by Mac-like or other programmes on other operating systems. So you must first understand what a run bat file is and how to make a bat file function on a Mac.

A batch file, for example, cannot be opened or launched in the same way that other files can. When a bash file is executed, the shell software reads the file and executes its instructions line by line.

As a result, bat file is an extension name for a Windows batch file, a DOS (SIDK Operating System) file, or an OS OS/2 (Microsoft and IBM combined operating system) file.

This bat file or batch file is also known as a script file since it contains a sequence of instructions in a computer language as well as a conditional loop such as IF, OR, FOR that every programmer is familiar with.

To recognise a batch file, look for the file extension.bat (for Windows) or.cmd (for Mac) ( for Windows NT)

However, if you want to know how to execute this sort of file on a MAC, you must first make your MAC capable of reading the commands line by line or convert the commands to run on a MAC.

Let’s see what you can come up with.

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Does the BAT file work on Mac?

To be really honest, a bat file does not function on a Mac. Because the batch file is known as a bat file, you may write or edit it in notepad or attempt certain tricks to make it run. Essentially, the batch file is not for Mac and is only for Windows.

What is the Mac equivalent of a bat file?

The bat file, as previously stated, is a batch file for a Mac. So, without a doubt, the Mac equivalent of a bat is a bash script. There is no doubt about that.

How do you edit a BAT file on a Mac?

If you want to change your bat file and your Mac is running OS X Yosemite, you may do it simply by selecting the file’s group or file that you wish to rename. Then, using the right mouse button, select’select X item’ from the drop-down menu. After that, a new batch renaming menu will appear.


After all of this, I am certain that you can now understand how to launch a bat file on a Mac. Unfortunately, it is somewhat complicated for individuals who are not Mac users, as opposed to Windows users; they will have difficulty operating a certain function.

As a result, this article may be capable of drawing conclusions to learn more about a certain subject, such as executing a batch file on a Mac as a new adventure.

To execute any task on Mac that is not supported by MAC, you must first command some language. You may execute your bat file using a separate bash script. Initially, there is the fact. Nothing else, however if you’re used to using a Mac, you’ll get an outstanding result.

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