Best RGB Power Supply Cables

Power supplies are sometimes overlooked, despite the fact that they are a vital component of any desktop computer. We’ll go over the basics so you know what to look for when purchasing Best RGB Power Supply Cables. One of the least interesting but most vital PC components is the power supply. Of course, PCs require electricity, which isn’t delivered directly from the wall to every component within the casing.

Despite the fact that current passes from the power company’s alternating current to the direct current required by PC components at the appropriate voltage. It may be tempting to simply purchase any Power Supply Unit to power your computer, but this is not a smart idea. A faulty or dirty power supply can cause a range of problems, including difficult-to-detect instabilities. In actuality, a faulty RGB Power Supply Cable can commonly cause undetected difficulties such as odd resets and freezes.

Although the Power Supply Unit (PSU) is not the most well-known PC component, it is an important component of any desktop computer. The task of delivering electricity to your entire system is vital, and making the wrong choice might be costly.

That’s why we’ll go over the fundamentals of power supply and provide you with the information you need to understand why having the right power supply cable is so important, as well as how to choose and why the cheapest option for RGB Power Supply Cables isn’t always the best.

Top 8 Best RGB Power Supply Cables 2022 List

Our favourite RGB cable is the Braided ATX Sleeved Cable Extension Kit.

Fully sleeved braided cable extensions from a high-end power source, fully shielded and multi-layered with high-quality copper strands of 18 AWG. Cable includes a comb, 1 x 24 Pin ATX Extension Cable, and 2 x 6 Pin PCI-e Cable. 8-pin x 12, 2-pin x 8-pin PCI-e Cable, 6-pin, 24-pin x 4, 24-pin x 4, 1 x 4 + 4 Pin EPS Cable, 24-pin x 4, 24-pin x 4,

The three-layered design is made up of an outside ultra-density weaving, a thick insulated middle layer, and an interior confirmed 18 AWG wire. Thermal cable assembly and wide current support provide improved performance and stability with the new independently wrapped cables. PC cable combs separate cables and allow for increased ventilation while keeping your PC looking neat. Maintain an effective cable management system.

These are wire extensions, not wires in and of themselves. The genuine cables are the ones that came with your power supply that connect to the power supply cables on one end and the motherboards, GPU, SATA, and other components on the other. I’ve discovered that it’s advisable to mix the cables before connecting them to the motherboard or connecting them to the PSU connections. After the initial comb is in position, the rest of the combs may be easily inserted next to it and moved to the appropriate region. Always double-check which side is on top and which is on the bottom to ensure the combs are always visible on top for a more pleasing appearance.

Before inserting a cable into the motherboard or connecting it to the PSU cables, make sure you know where it goes; some of these cables can be difficult to remove once attached and, if done wrong, can damage the motherboard components/pins. If you need to remove any connected wires, be especially cautious and wiggle them in a rocking motion rather than pulling them straight out.

Check that all cables are properly positioned and fully plugged in. After you’ve finished the build and installed all of the wires, the last thing you want to do is try to figure out which one isn’t functioning by removing them one by one. My PC did not turn on at first because one of the cables was not correctly inserted all the way in, but after 30 minutes of trial and error going through all the cables, I was able to get it out.

Editor’s Pick: Zezzio RGB Extension Power Supply

These extension cables are compatible with any brand of PSU, so you may use them with your current or future system. Two LED light strips are used to improve the brightness of RGB. It is ideal for cable storage while also improving the overall appearance of your computer’s mainframe and making your case more appealing.

If your motherboard does not support ARGB/5v3pin connections, please pick this option. PSU extension cables are a superior option for fixing enthusiasts. Furthermore, the sleeved cable extensions are simple to install and save you time, ensuring the power supply’s reliability. The package includes 1x 24Pin RGB ATX cable with 5V 3PIN support. It is compatible with E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, and other motherboards with power ratings ranging from 250W to 1300W.

We are confident that you will be pleased. If you are dissatisfied, just return them to us for a prompt, no-hassle refund or product replacement. If you want to create a complete RGB PC, this is the option to choose. It’s reasonably priced and looks wonderful on my pc. Don’t leave your cable non-RGB when you have every RGB component!

Top Rated RGB Power Supply Cable : Pccooler 24 Pin ATX RGB Cable Extension Kit

The addressable RGB effects have been added to the 24-pin ATX PSU extension cord. Make your PC case more appealing. You can also keep your chassis wires clean by handling them appropriately. Maintain the stability of the power supply at the same time.

Increase the number of lamp beads to 120 to make RGB brighter. The brightness is sufficient to satisfy the glowing effect of the PC casing even in strong light or throughout the day. It consists of wrapping a silicone structure in two layers. The 1.5cm (0.59 inch) thickness makes it excellent for bending and installation. Use materials that will endure a long time. Even when bending an RGB PSU cable, a beautiful visual impact may be maintained. Place your case in a neat and clean environment.

A PSU extension cable is a better solution for motherboard modding enthusiasts. These pc cable extension kits include a 5V 3Pin addressable interface and are capable of handling your situation. The sleeved cable extension is easy to install, saving time.

The kit includes 1x 24Pin RGB ATX cable that may be utilised in a 5V 3PIN installation. Motherboards such as E-ATX, Micro-ATX, ATX, and others are all compatible.

Best PSU Cable : upHere Sleeve Extension Power Supply Cable Kit

The extension cable comes with a high-quality sleeve. All power supply are interchangeable. It is useful for maintaining a nice cable management system and a consistent look. The edges are rounded to protect the cords. 2 PCI-e Cables, 2 6 Pin PCI-e Cables, 1 24 Pin ATX Extension Cable, 1 4 + 4 Pin EPS Cable

You may customise your system setup with the upHere Sleeved Extension Cable Kit. Because of its three-layered cable construction and inner certified 16 AWG wire, the Sleeve Cable Extension Kit provides consumers with more alternatives for quick installation as well as a clean and professional look. Temperature single-sleeved cables provide high-quality cable construction and high-current support, leading in improved performance and stability.

Top Rated RGB PC Cable : RGB Extension Cable Kit to 8-Pin

The lower layer is an AWG18 silver reflecting extension cable, while the upper layer is a light-emitting device for an 81.5 fibre optic cable. Because of their double-layer construction and thickness of 1.5cm/0.59′′, the neon-colored lines necessitate ample chassis space for installation.

8 copper wires are commonly utilised in the power supply line at one end, while the other end is linked to the mainboard, which not only fulfils the display of the hardware display warehouse’s light effect but also assures power supply dependability.

It’s simple to adorn your gaming case with an 8-pin ARGB cable that will illuminate the equipment inside. There are stunning neon lights, light cascading like a waterfall, and a beautiful rainbow on the front of the major board.

Best RGB Power Supply Cable : EZDIY-FAB PSU Cable Extension kit

This excellent Nylon sleeved cable extender comes with cable combs (4pc each Cable). The kit is a PSU cable extension that is compatible with all power supplies but cannot be connected directly to the power supply.

This cable is appropriate for a clean cable management system and a consistent look. The edges are rounded to protect the cords. Power Supplies in the ATX form factor are compatible (Extensions connect to OEM PSU wires) and may be used to increase your power: Each extension cable measures 300mm in length and has black contacts on both ends.

Protect your power delivery with three layers of protection, which include properly insulated cable sleeving, insulating, and certified 16 AWG cable wires. Heat-Shrink-Free Design: Each cable is correctly sleeved and attached without the use of heat-shrink material.

Excellent cables! Exceptional craftsmanship! Unlike CableMod Pro wires, they are thick-wired pay cables with no gaps between the wires. My buddy expected the white cable mod pro series cables to be as solid and supple as these, but he was disappointed! They weren’t much bigger than conventional ones, and they appeared fragile and chilly.

Best Seller RGB Cable : Thermaltake TtMod Sleeve Extension

The TtMod Sleeve Cable, which comes in a three-layered design and is sleeved utilising heat-shrink less sleeving technology, enabling you to tailor your system setup. With an outside ultra-density weaving and a middle insulating layer with acid and alkali-resistant, fuel resistance, damp proof, and mildew proof properties, the TtMod Sleeve Cable combination pack provides consumers with additional flexibility for quick installation as well as a clean and professional design. The new heat-shrink-free individually wrapped cables allow for maximal cable construction and large currents, resulting in improved performance and stability.

Cable combs with rounded edges look professional and are easy to install. Each comb may be placed individually along the cable for the best fit and routing. You can increase overall airflow and eliminate case clutter with superior cable routing for a better presentation.

Through the application of the most stringent production procedures and standards, the insulating layer provides optimum uniform insulation thickness, allowing for easy stripping and cutting. All cables are made with high-quality 16 AWG wires and ultra-density cable sleeving to provide a solid electrical connection. A three-layer weaving pattern offers appropriate bending stiffness for simple installation.

The TtMod Sleeve Cable is built of high-quality materials and employs heat shrink-less sleeving technology for an appealing look and long-term durability.

TtMod Sleeve Cable combo sets are available in eight different colour combinations: red/black, blue/black, purple/black, green/black, yellow/black, orange/black, white/black, rainbow, and white/black. Use all black connections and a dual-color sleeve for a professional-looking system interior with colour throughout.

Because of the worldwide standard power cable extension connections, the TtMod Sleeve Cables are completely compatible with the majority of PSU brands and models. Each cable is intended to slot into the “System Side” of the power supply cable to allow for extension and simpler routing.

Best Lian Li Strimer : Lian Li Strimer RGB PSU Cable Black

The best Lian Li Strimer and Lian Li RGB Cable are available in 24 and 8 pin configurations, allowing for even greater chassis customization. Power your motherboard with a one-of-a-kind flair! With a two-layer design, lighting effects are controlled, regulated, and supplied independently from the 8-pin GPU or 24-pin motherboard power supply connections. The length is 24cm in total. The 24-pin variant comes with a PCI bracket lighting effect controller, allowing for simple and straightforward lighting effect customization. There is just a 24-pin type available.

Only motherboards with 3-pin 5v addressable LEDs are supported. It will not work with a 4-pin RGB header. Strimmers are 1.5 cm thick and require a lot of space to route properly. It has a one-year limited warranty as well as free premium support.

Best RGB Power Supply Cables Buyer’s Guide

There are several hardware characteristics to consider when setting up a new workstation in the workplace, but the power supply is the most significant. Using a defective, inferior Power Supply Cable may cause unstable systems and poor performance. Follow this advise to ensure that your workstations have the proper power supply.

Many people feel that the higher the overall wattage, the better the performance of the power supply cable. While huge 1800W PSUs are handy for running several discs and graphics-intensive programmes, they are often overkill and expensive.

The vast majority of computers do not run at full capacity all of the time. In actuality, if your computer has mid-level graphics cards, CPUs, and RAM, 600W is more than plenty.

Online power supply calculators will provide you with a rough estimate of your daily power use, allowing you to determine just how much you require. Once you’ve calculated how much power you’ll require, select a power supply with a slightly higher total wattage limit to give yourself some wiggle space if you decide to add extra components later.

Power Supply Cabling has three options: hardwired cabling, partly modular cabling, and completely modular cabling.

  • Hard-wired connections are directly linked to the PSU box. While this system is less expensive than the other two cabling options, it has a restricted number of connectors, making customization difficult.
  • All PSU wires may be removed with fully modular cabling, making installation and cable management a snap. However, certain power supply models are significantly more costly than other types of wiring.
  • Partially modular wiring combines the best of both worlds, providing essential cables for the PSU while also allowing for the installation of extra components at a fair cost.

Your Power Supply Cable should preferably come from a respected brand with reasonable warranties and excellent customer service. Although Seasonic, Corsair, and Antec PSUs are popular among consumers, you should still do your homework. Look for consumer feedback on the precise make and model of your cable. If this is not feasible, consult a hardware professional.


Choosing the best Best RGB Power Supply Cables may be difficult, especially if you lack technical understanding. So, if you need more information on anything hardware-related, give us a call right away.

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